Offices and Bosses: Season 2, Ep 3 - Mimic Roommate
Mimic Roommate
Offices & Bosses episode
Offices & Bosses
Air Date April 18, 2018
Episode No. Season 2, Ep 3
Episode Link
Arnie Niekamp as Arnie as Hayden Christensen
Adal Rifai as Chunt as Danger La Grange
Matt Young as Usidore as John Bastion
Guest appearance(s)
Tim Sniffen as Mysterious Man
Bill Arnett as Metamore
Travis McElroy as Chest Trünkborn as Matthew Bernstein
Zach Thompson as Dorian Deville as Mr. Ropely
Liam O'Brien as Slorp Dorpman
Producer(s) Arnie Niekamp, Ryan DiGiorgi, Evan Jacover
Editor Tim Joyce
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Theme Music Andy Poland
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Logo Allard Laban
Episode chronology
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"Witch Roommate" "Mouse Roommate"

"Mimic Roommate" is the third episode of the second season of the Offices & Bosses miniseries. It was originally released on April 18, 2018.


Chest Trünkborn the Mimic joins the game as the players take on a catering gig.


Dorian objects to being classified as a villain, preferring that he be remembered for saving Chunt’s life. Chunt has mixed feelings on living, since his curse would have been a memorable death. To prove he leads a memorable life, the group share their favorite of Chunt’s catchphrases.

 Claudia’s character has moved in with the principal she was having an affair with, and the mimic Chest Trünkborn, who has been sitting near the table the entire game, is brought on to play as a new roommate, aspiring model Matthew Bernstein. The whole group has been offered a catering gig at the home of Jesse Freeway (Dorian), cummerbund magnate, for his daughter's wedding.

Hayden Christensen (Arnie) approaches a party guest and talks a publisher into reading his manuscript. Matthew, Danger (Chunt), and John Bastion (Usidore) fail to ingratiate themselves to guests, but accidentally start a food fight. In the midst of it the fight, Matthew is beautifully framed with a cummerbund, and is hired as a torso model on the spot.

The group returns home with their pay just in time to pay rent.

Usidore admits that playing with Dorian has been more fun than he expected and the group apologizes for mistrusting him, but Dorian reveals that he in fact does have sinister intents, and their fate depends on their winning this game.

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Earth References

  • Hayden Christensen
  • Brian Dennehy
  • Three Doors Down
  • Party Down
  • The Might Boosh
  • Ratatouille
“Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield


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