Offices and Bosses: Season 2, Ep 4 - Mouse Roommate
Mouse Roommate
Offices & Bosses episode
Offices & Bosses
Air Date April 25, 2018
Episode No. Season 2, Ep 4
Episode Link
Arnie Niekamp as Arnie as Hayden Christensen
Adal Rifai as Chunt as Danger La Grange
Matt Young as Usidore as John Bastion
Guest appearance(s)
Tim Sniffen as Mysterious Man
Bill Arnett as Metamore
Erin Keif as Momo the Mouse as Mariska Hargitay
Zach Thompson as Dorian Deville as Mr. Ropely
Producer(s) Arnie Niekamp, Ryan DiGiorgi, Evan Jacover
Editor Chris Rathjen
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Theme Music Andy Poland
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Logo Allard Laban
Episode chronology
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"Mimic Roommate" "Vampire Neighbors"

"Mouse Roommate" is the fourth episode of the second season of the Offices & Bosses miniseries. It was originally released on April 25, 2018.


Momo the mouse with human strength joins the game as the players accept a mysterious delivery job.


Momo has joined the group and is playing Mariska Hargitay, child pickpocket. Her character joins when she attempts to rob John Bastion (Usidore), Danger La Grange (Chunt), and Hayden Christensen (Arnie) as they attempt to use a 2-for-1 coupon at a Greek Restaurant. Crooked Cop John Depp (Dorian Deville) attempts to arrest Mariska, and John buys her dinner to convince him she’s with them.

Unfortunately, they don’t have the money to cover the purchase, but the restaurateur (Rock Godbold) offers to give them their meals for free if they agree to deliver a package to crime kingpin Sunny St. Claire.

Danger works to win over Mariska until she trusts them enough to share information on herself (she is a serial orphan) and Sunny St. Claire (he loves to hit children after murdering them). The group prepares for the dangerous errand, and Mrs. Ropley (Dorian) tries to include herself as a get-away driver but fails a sobriety check.

John and Hayden deliver the package through the front (past two thugs) while Danger and Mariska sneak in through another entrance. As the terrifying Sunny St. Claire (Dorian) opens the package Danger jumps unnoticed down his throat. He starts to give John and Hayden another package to delivery back to Rock Godbold, but is overcome with rage at the contents of the package.

Hayden informs Sunny that he has swallowed a child, and he punches himself to death. Mariska reveals Sunny was another in her long line of deceased adopted fathers. The thugs rush in and announce they’ll be taking over the business; the group flees. They deliver the package for Rock, but opt out of the criminal lifestyle.

Mariska can’t learn to trust again, and walks away.

Earth References

  • Hayden Christensen
  • Trading Places
  • The Prince & the Pauper
  • Annie
  • Blues Brothers
  • “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart

  • INXS
  • “Putting on the Ritz” by Irving Berlin
  • 48 Hour, Another 48 Hours
  • Eddie Murphy’s Raw & Delirious
  • The Golden Child
  • The Producers

  • Dave
  • Beverly Hill Cops
  • Boomerang


  • Metamore names his NPC restaurateur Rock Goldbold. This may be an homage to Rex Goldbold, the Office Manager who first introduced Metamore to Offices and Bosses.
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