Masters of Mayhem: Season 3, Ep 4 - Three-Headed Dog
Masters of Mayhem: Season 3, Ep 4 - Three-Headed Dog
Masters of Mayhem episode
Masters of Mayhem
Air date October 19, 2023
Episode no. Season 3, Ep 4
Episode Link
Baron Ragoon: Chris Rathjen
Dripfang LeDesparé: Kevin Sciretta
Cerberus the Merciless: Tim Baltz
Jayme Ragoon: Gretchen Eng
Sayme Ragoon: Brad Pike
Craig: Ryan DiGiorgi
Producers Matt Young
Editor Anna Havermann
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi, Kevin Sciretta, Chris Rathjen
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban
Episode chronology
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"Claudia in Shrike" "Witch Ghost"

"Three-Headed Dog" is the fourth episode of the third season of the Masters of Mayhem miniseries. It was originally released on October 19, 2023. This miniseries takes place sometime during season four of the main podcast.


Dripfang and Shangleberth consider a new security setup for the Baron's Keep.


Space Bunker



Behind the scenes

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