Season 1, Ep 36 - Low Battery
Low Battery
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date November 9, 2015
Episode no. S01E36
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
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Editor Evan Jacover
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
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"Low Battery" is the thirty-sixth episode of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on November 9, 2015.


"Sorry, everyone. I’ve been having some computer trouble. I hope we make it through this episode okay because we have an awesome guest. Fingers crossed!"


Arnie argues a little, as always, about shapeshifting and saying things during Usidore's name, and decides to instead run to the other side of the room while Usidore is announcing his full name so as to restrain himself. He notes that Spintax the Green is now tweeting his adventures on Earth. Suddenly, he notices that his laptop's battery is low, and while Usidore runs to find some chalk to cast his Miniscule Lightning incantation, the battery dies, and we once again get audio from the Mysterious Man.

Space Bunker Plot

He asks Tricia to join him in the Orange Chamber, and begins the meeting by ringing the meeting chime. He is grossly disappointed in Tricia's performance in her internship, and she begins getting upset to the point where she might need a bowl of crying powder. She feels bullied because she is the only intern and only female there. In walks Craig, who is the vending machine delivery man. He has been there ten Earth days trying to refill the vending machines, but was paradoxically in the Green Chamber for an eternity (though the Mysterious Man claims to have "fixed" that). Craig asks where they are, but Tricia is forbidden to answer any questions. He was unable to refill the vending machines because of their infinitely recursive nature, but now he cannot even get home. It seems that he cannot be sent home via portal because Tricia didn't get around to portal maintenance, he cannot simply go outside because it would involve walking through a viscous ultraviolet gel, and he cannot simply pilot a pod home because it is too complicated to pilot.

Craig excuses himself from the room while the Mysterious Man berates Tricia. While he is gone, the Mysterious Man tries to address Tricia's concerns about the workplace, and suggest reanimating some dead bodies (from the Beige Room for her to talk to. Tricia complains about the lack of trust in the relationship. In response (and after Craig returns), the Mysterious Man decides to grant her the all access card from the iron ring fused to his hip. There is a manual for the pods in the Beige Room, underneath all the dead bodies, so Craig might be able to return home. They all leave to go get the manual.

While they are gone, Kern makes a plea regarding snacks.

When they return, it turns out that the dead bodies in the Beige Room are actually all copies of Tricia, who has been there, and died, thousands of times. Finally, Tricia has had enough: she gets in the pod and finds that its operation seems rather simple. She points out two buttons: one marked "Press Go To Go", and the other marked "Lasers, Guns, And Everything That Can Possibly Hurt You", as well as a dial marked "An Emotional Component As Well". The Mysterious Man starts reconsidering, offering her several concessions. Tricia simply asks for him to say he's sorry, and while the Mysterious Man attempts to placate her by saying he's proud, she decides to push the Lasers button anyway, and the Mysterious Man endures a barrage of painful attacks. Tricia apologizes to Craig because she cannot take him with her, and she flees the bunker. The Mysterious Man, in great pain, asks Craig to tell the listeners that the podcast isn't real.

Post Credit Scene

We hear from the Vermilion Minotaur again, where they've finally restored the battery. Unfortunately, they didn't get to record Chunt's raw emotional confessions or any of the other conversations they had while the power was out.

New Characters

Recurring Characters

Earth references


  • This is the second episode featuring the Mysterious Man and the Space Bunker. The previous episode was "Homesick".

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Low Battery
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