52 Sacks of Flour

52 Sacks of Flour was a series of 52 sacks of flour collected by Blemish, one sack per week over the last year leading to the Siege of Hogsface, as well as Blemish's wife. He dressed the sacks in dwarven clothes he had acquired during that time. The Dark Lord animated the sacks in exchange for Blemish opening a portal in the basement to allow Him to enter and overtake Hogsface.

Arnie and Usidore snuck into the basement while Chunt distracted Blemish to see what they could find to use against him. They discovered that 52 Sacks of Flour was given sentience by The Dark Lord but couldn't leave the basement and had never seen anyone else but Blemish. They named her Traj (short for Tragedy) then shortened it to Gina and after being convinced she was a force for good, freed her by switching her mind with Blemish's. But while loose in the tavern, Gina went on a murderous spree, killing Fleek and Fuckin' Philosophy Guy among many others. (According to her, The Dark Lord sent her to kill them both.) Usidore switched the minds back before Arnie accidentally pricked Gina with the Bone Seed, spilling out her contents and killing her. Blemish also died shortly thereafter by accidentally spitting into the Bowl of Watery Death, shrinking and drowning in it.

52 Sacks of Flour was played by Martin Wilson.

Episode Appearances

98 King of the Badger (first mentioned)
Season 2, Ep 18 – The Basement (first appearance and death)

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