Season 1, Ep 76 – Pandenomicon
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date August 22, 2016
Episode no. S01E76
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Spintax the Green’s Pandenomicon
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Garrett Schultz
Episode art Vaughn Pinpin
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Cards Against Humanity, Mack Weldon, Blue Apron, and Dungeons & Dragons
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"Pandenomicon" is the seventy-sixth episode of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on August 22, 2016.


"I found these resonance stones in Spintax’s old hat."


The episode opens and Arnie introduces the show as usual, drawing special attention this week to This Very Table they sit at in the tavern. They describe the table as big and wood. End bit.

After being introduced, Chunt asks Arnie if he's ever heard of Ol' Limp Dick — the old man with a limp dick who plays summer and winter games naked in his front yard every few years. Usidore notes that that games are a little bit sad.

Arnie introduces Usidore, but before he can say his name Arnie very smugly says the entire thing for him while Usidore talks over him and asks him to stop. Chunt throws in a Hoobastank. Usidore insists that he's never said the entire thing for Arnie before, and Arnie admits that he's been drinking red potion again.

Arnie then pulls out a green hat he'd been wearing that they assume was one of Spintax's before he was sent to Earth. Turns out there's a bunch of stuff inside the hat, including a few Resonance Stones. Unlike the ones given to Otok and his questing party, these stones are storing information instead of acting as "rockie-talkies."

Usidore activates the stones by touching them and thinking magical thoughts. Spintax's voice comes through the stone, introducing the Pandenomicon.

Arnie makes a reference to Usidore's rivalry with Spintax, which Chunt and Usidore are surprised Arnie knows about. It seems as though he's remembering things that they aren't… which is either red potion or Chunt and Usidore being dicks. You can decide.

Usidore asks the Pandenomicon about himself, for whom there is no entry.

Arnie "hits random" on the Pandenomicon, opening the List of Tables. He then asks for some "crazy demonology about Foon," but Usidore cancels that request and asks to be told about the demon Chorgoth of Telpain.

Usidore also inquires about Vampires and how to get rid of their infections*. Arnie asks him about his supposed vampirism, but Usidore denies it's anything to worry about.

Usidore also explains that he's built his own podcatching software that he hangs outside of his house so that he can catch up with their podcast. Arnie accuses Usidore of listening to Serial instead.

Arnie asks the Pandenomicon about shapeshifting demons, leading down a path of inquiries.

72% of the Pandenomicon's entries mention Spintax's sexual conquests.

Coming back from the ad break, Arnie opens the Table of Contents to figure out what to ask. Chunt opens the List of Illustrations. Usidore opens the List of Abbreviations. Arnie asks how to kill a vampire.

In a stunning turn of events, Usidore finds his excuse to say his entire name this episode while fighting with Spintax.

Arnie says the word Pandenomicon about three times in the same sentence.

Chunt asks the Pandenomicon to continue its List of Illustrations. On page 192 there is "a dick," and on page 232 there is an illustration of "big boobies!" A number of inquiries are prompted by this.

Arnie eventually asks the Pandenomicon to tell him something that Usidore could never tell him. It alludes to Arnie's greater purpose in Foon and the importance that Earth Stuff has to play.

Near the end, the boys decide to carry the Pandenomicon around with them. Arnie asks if it can keep track of his steps for the day, which it unenthusiastically agrees to do.

After opening some packages and reading an email, they continue to mess with the Pandenomicon. Chunt asks it to read the List of Tables, but in "a fun way."

Arnie asks what it knows about other dimensions and dimensional travels. The Pandenomicon reveals that there are Mirror Realms for all dimensions, and in Foon's Mirror Realm Carnival Wilson, Usidore the Black, and Wendigo Wilson are the three horsemen of darkness.

Earth references


  • Usidore was recently infected with vampirism at Chunt for Red October (S1E34).

Behind the scenes

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Chunt, Spintax, Arnie, Usidore
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