Season 1, Ep 84 – Memory Gremlin
Memory Gremlin
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date October 24, 2016
Episode no. S01E84
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Memory Gremlin
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
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Editor Ryan DiGiorgi
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Wondery/Secrets, Crimes and Audiotape, Zip Recruiter, and Cards Against Humanity
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"Memory Gremlin" is the eighty-fourth episode of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on October 24, 2016.


“We’re still testing out new co-hosts, so I invited the Memory Gremlin to join us and help us remember an old friend.”


The podcast opens as usual, with Arnie introducing the podcast. Usidore is still dead, making Arnie and Chunt (AKA Fat Shaggy and Catchphrase McGee) sound a little sadder than usual. They miss his back rubs.

Chunt reveals that he’s been trying to study some dark magic to see if he can save Usidore somehow. He even went to a shady bar deep in McShingleshane Forest called the Ruffled Feather to try and get some information, but unfortunately learned nothing. Arnie expresses his apprehension to Chunt getting into dark magic as a coping mechanism. Chunt has also gotten a nose piercing from his friend Claire.

As they have been, Chunt and Arnie are testing out new co-hosts to replace Usidore, this week inviting on someone who could literally be Usidore: the memory gremlin. Interrupting Arnie’s introduction, she begins reciting Usidore’s name with many inaccuracies.

Chunt is unamused by the choices Arnie has made this episode.

Arnie argues that she’ll be able to take their memories of Usidore and use them to replace him. Usually she only uses one person’s memory, but she can do a couple when she has to.

In reminding listeners of what the memory gremlin has done in the past, Arnie’s wife comes up. The gremlin says she feels bad about it now, and has recently gotten into Rainbow Bridge Grief Counseling, a service in which a memory gremlin uses the memories of a lost loved one and impersonates all their worst qualities until you get sick of them.

After that tangent, they get on with Arnie’s Usidore replacement plan. The gremlin instructs Chunt and Arnie to hold both hands, stare into each other’s eyes, slowly move in towards each other, slightly tilt their heads, and think of Usidore. The transformation begins, and Usidore’s voice emerges with a slight memory gremlin lilt to it.

Over a couple more moments of the gremlin working into Usidore’s voice with lots of what I’ll call “Usidore Noises” and chanting about birds, the gremlin reminds us all about the time Arnie fucked a memory gremlin and reverts back to her normal state.

After helping the memory gremlin post-transformation, Arnie realizes he never asked her name, to which she tells him her name is Fi’ang Yalok. Sometimes people would call her Fangy or Yelly as nicknames, which Chunt notes are WAY better than anything Arnie’s come up with for Usidore’s name. It works on multiple levels too — Fangy because he turned into a vampire, and Yelly because he just yelled so much.

This reminiscing makes Arnie and Chunt miss Usidore again, so they ask Fangy Yelly to turn into him again. This time, his voice is much better but there’s definitely still something off.

Arnie tells this Usidore that he misses him, and he’s sorry he’s dead. Usidore calls him a fat idiot, which Arnie and Chunt decide is pretty in character for him.

Usidore then turns to Chunt and calls him a disgusting animal with bad habits. Chunt continues to be upset by this idea with the memory gremlin and they decide that they don’t want to hate Usidore’s memory and be glad he’s dead.

After insulting Arnie a few more times for good measure, Fangy Yelly painfully turns back into her gremlin form.

All of a sudden, a the booming voice of Usidore bursts into the tavern! He comes up to the table, demanding the gremlin explain their self for impersonating him. Arnie and Chunt try and defuse the situation, but Fangy Yelly turns back into Usidore to defend herself.

Powerfully, the real Usidore recites his full name proudly and without mistakes to prove he’s the true one. Arnie and Chunt can’t tell which is the real one. The other Usidore begins saying his name and immediately says something wrong, convincing Arnie that they are the right one. Almost immediately however, they revert back to their memory gremlin state.

But if they’re not Usidore… then who is this? Fear not, listener and/or reader of this summary, it is the real and true Usidore back from the dead, now named Usidore the Slightly Lighter Blue.

He explains that even though he was killed by the monster hunter and drawn inside of their amulet, that process freed him from the vampirism and his spirit was transported back to his bed at a 90 degree angle. See, he was only slightly dead before the amulet tore away the vampire curse and he was able to come together once again.

Arnie and Chunt are very glad Usidore is back. Usidore gives Chunt a hug and pets him, then calls Arnie a “fat sack of crap” and asks him when he’s going to do something useful. Arnie compliments Fangy Yelly’s impression earlier.

Usidore does say, however, that even though he makes fun of him he knows that Arnie is important to his quest to beat the Dark Lord. Arnie decides to officially join Usidore’s quest. Now that they have a make-up artist, a nymph, a spy, Chunt, and Arnie, the party is now complete!


Arnie reads a very long email that suggests some sort of DC bullshit Earth 1/Earth 2 thing. This confuses everyone a lot.

The second email suggests that there are two Arnies, one in each dimension, and was sent from a Razr.

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