91 Magic Turkey
Magic Turkey (w/ Scott Adsit, Live from the Chicago Podcast Festival)
Air Date: December 12, 2016 Episode Link
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Hosts: Arnie, Chunt, Usidore Guests: Charles the Turkey, Spurt the Elder
Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor: Garrett Schultz Theme Music: Andy Poland Live Photo: John H. Abbot
Audio Assistance: Jason Knox
Production Assistance: Garrett Schultz

Sponsored by: SockFancy, Cards Against Humanity, and Loot Crate


"It seems like a good time of year to interview a magical turkey."


Foon Sponsor

Rally organizer Shan Gammador

Additional Appearances

Earth References

Kiss / Gene Simmons
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Grudge
Pet Sematary
Dairy Queen
"Free Bird"
Duck, Duck, Goose
Mrs. Doubtfire
2 Girls 1 Cup
Freaky Friday
13 Going on 30
How I Met Your Mother
Charles in Charge


Charles' father (via Arnie's haunted stomach) and mother (via a haunted stool) were played by Arnie Niekamp.

Behind the Scenes

Spurt, Chunt, Arnie, Charles, Usidore
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