Season 1, Ep 92 – Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date December 19, 2016
Episode no. S01E92
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Otok Barleyfoot, Flower, Krom the Barbarian
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Chris Rathjen
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Cards Against Humanity and Loot Crate
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“Resonance Stone” is the ninety-second episode of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on December 19, 2016.


“You know, it’s been a long time since checked in with Otok, Flower and Krom. How is their quest going?”


Following the events of last week, Chunt’s soul is still in Usidore’s body, and vice versa. Arnie finds this very disconcerting. Chunt tries to introduce Arnie to popular Foonish song, “Walkin’ Like a Wizard”, but he’s not interested, which is just as well since the lyrics repeat “like 400 times”. Usidore introduces a new secret name: those with crutches know him as Teeny Tim. Arnie acknowledges that it’s weird having him in a badger body, and Usidore agrees that he feels very feral. Chunt teaches Arnie about the game Tit-for-Tat, in which he just touches Arnie’s tits and then says “tat’s it!”.

Arnie continues to find it confusing having his companions in the wrong bodies, and they seem to a little as well in spite of asserting otherwise. Usidore says Arnie just needs to look deep into their eyes to tell them apart, but also confesses that he’s experiencing some residue of Chunt’s soul. Chunt mentions he was concerned about being so tall, but he thinks he could get used to it and maybe should try being a bigger animal. Arnie inquires how their week has gone, and whether they’ve been creating or solving problems for the other. They say they’ve both just been masturbating. Arnie concurs.

Arnie comments that they haven’t checked on the Resonance Stone lately, and they realize it’s glowing more than usual. Chunt and Usidore collaborate to activate it.

Message 1: Otok, Krom, and Flower are in the fourth week of the quest for Activia Barleyfoot. Krom thanks Otok and Flower for agreeing to stop so he could see the World’s Longest Rope, though they’re a bit distressed he insisted on verifying the claim by walking the length of it, and kept losing count. They did all get a Frosty out of it, though no one ever confirms what that means in Foon. Otok is worried about keeping pace with the Falsetto Marauders, but is also very much in family road trip mode and criticizes Krom for not taking a bathroom break when he had a chance, and not wearing his sunscreen. He insists on putting some on him and Flower leaves so she’s not there for the fight.

Chunt and Arnie are not super impressed by the quest’s progress. Usidore is more positive and adds he knows the wizard who made the rope, Rolltide the Clear (apparently Clear wizards were an 80s fad that proved a bad idea). Arnie points out that Chunt and Usidore seem even more amused by each other since switching souls; Chunt says it’s a great way to reconnect.

They notice that the Resonance Stone is still glowing.

Message 2: There is a loud sound of rushing water. Flower is a bit panicked, saying she’s heard singing, and a dog harmonizing with the singing. Krom and Otok say she’s woken them up every night saying the same thing, with different animals. This time, she’s right, as they are interrupted by another voice, and a bark, welcoming them to Glorian Falls. Otok inexplicably guesses that this is Dog and Dogowner. Dogowner explains that if they want to touch the falls, they must sacrifice seven pounds of flesh. Krom is annoyed that everyone looks at him. Otok asks why they’d want to touch the falls anyway, and Dogowner says that it will restore three weeks of life, but the specifics of where those three weeks come from and where they go are very confusing. Otok calls a huddle. He thinks that it’s worth a shot because he’s having doubts they’ll ever find Activia, and desperately missing his family. Dogowner overhears them talking about Activia, and asks them to wave her doo rag in front of his dog. The dog points into the falls but they’re still unconvinced. Flower wants to hear the singing again, but Dogowner demands a sacrifice of a pound of flesh. Krom volunteers and the dog chomps his breast. Dogowner’s brother, Catowner, pops out of a tree and impatiently asks if he’s gotten them in the falls yet. They start singing and harmonizing with the dog.

Arnie turns the Resonance Stone off. He’s confused that they don’t seem to be getting the messages in real time; they realize that they’ve been backlogged, and there’s a flashing number indicating there were four messages in total. They play another message.

Message 3: Krom, Otok, and Flower are assessing their supplies, but an annoyed checker at the busy store they appear to be at is displeased they’ve dumped their knapsacks out on the counter. Otok says they thought they’d figure it out by the time they got to the front of the line. The checker tells them they’re being rude, and Flower doesn’t take it well at all. Things escalate and Flower asks Krom to throw her at the checker after he says something mean about her mother. Another employee tells the checker to start recording their behavior on his Resonance Stone. They continue arguing, while Flower steals as much as she can. Otok tries to purchase some bear jerky, but needs change for a large ruby; this is accomplished by smashing it with a hammer. Flower announces how much she’s stolen while this was happening, and they take off running.

Arnie comments that they should probably take a break; Usidore tells him it’s his job to say that. Arnie comments he wishes someone would switch bodies with him for once.

Still thinking about body swaps after the break, Arnie asks if soul swapping is common in Foon. They say yes, usually on a Friday; and sometimes people swap wives, but that’s not magical.

Message 4: They’re hiding behind a bush, though Krom is too large to do so effectively. There are distant cries in the background, which they identify as the Falsetto Marauders. Otok insists that they must go out and face the enemy, leaving the stone behind in the hopes that their messages won’t be lost if they’re captured. Flower suggests that one of them go over to the campfire and find out what they want. They determine that Otok should be the one to go. He explains that if he’s captured, Krom should take Flower and run. Krom and Flower become very emotional about this prospect, and Otok agrees that they’ve become like family on their trip. Flower is also very distressed that no one’s replied to their messages. Otok comes out of hiding and announces himself to the Marauders. The Marauders are having difficulty understanding each other’s muffled voices, and instead of attacking Otok, one of them throws himself on his own sword. Still having trouble understanding each other, even though “get out your swords” continues to seem obvious, one pulls his pants down to “get out his sores”. Krom pleads to the stone that if anyone can hear this, they need help.

Usidore declares they must to get a band of warriors together right away and go save their friends. Arnie thinks it doesn’t sound that bad. Chunt points out that they did grab Otok, and Usidore says they should at least go check on them. They check how long it’s been, and awkwardly realize the message is a month old. Chunt agrees with Usidore, and is ready to form a quest. Arnie tries to talk them out of going on a quest in the wrong bodies, as it would be a disadvantage. Chunt suggests that maybe they should just stare into each other’s souls, and very easily Usidore is able to do a spell and swap them back.

Arnie marvels that the spell was as easy as saying “mix-em-up”. Usidore explains that in Foon there’s a principle called KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid); not to be confused with KISS (Knights in Spintax’s Service), as Chunt adds.

While they’re discussing this, Flower comes up behind them and says they should just shut up and kiss. They’re very surprised to see her, and Krom as well. Arnie insists they were just about to come looking for them, but Flower and Krom are very doubtful. Krom is sunburned and missing a nipple and doesn’t want to talk about it. They comment that Flower looks great, and she confirms that they don’t know where Otok is. Chunt asks with great intensity whether the Marauders were saying “get out your swords” or something else, and Arnie asks what happened with the weird perverts who wants to get in the waterfall. Apparently they ultimately did get in, but made sure the stone wasn’t recording. Usidore somehow uses this as a segue to emails.


Email from Unnamed and friend Rabu: 1) are there any HFTMT shirts in larger sizes? 2) please ask Chunt “Chunt’s up with that?”
Answer: 1) there should be some larger shirts on one of the sites, and if not, Chunt suggests they sew two together. 2) Chunt.

Arnie has to explain what “big ups” means, and Usidore tries it out as a catchphrase at Chunt’s suggestion. Flower brings up that they just said they don’t know where Otok is. They move on with emails anyway.

Email from Michelle Augie: can I give a birthday shout out to my boyfriend former Navy chief nuclear engineer Kyle Hewlett?
Answer: Usidore thanks him for his service, and wishes that more people would be brave enough to go on quests. Arnie tells them that “nuclear” is “nu-clear”, like the Clear Wizard from earlier.

A weary Krom says that Otok might be murdered by now. They read another email.

Email from Celia: Arnie seems to be forgetting a lot of things. Could it be from the food and drink in Foon, like going to the fairy realm? Maybe the longer you stay, the less memory you have of home.
Answer: Arnie admits that the longer he’s been here, the foggier his memories have gotten, but no one confirms whether that could be a thing because they get distracted making a Simon & Garfunkel reference.

An exhausted Flower asks for wine, as they ran out on the quest and she had to make road wine. Usidore circles back and says that it’s not Arnie’s memory, he’s just “not that engaged”. Arnie proves his point by suggesting they order drinks for Flower, Krom, and Otok, who they’ve repeatedly said is not there. Flower jumps in to explain that road wine is when she just drinks the ground water from where drunk people have been peeing. They’re alarmed but she admits it has its charms.

Arnie says he’s just glad that everyone is fine, and they have to remind him again they just said Otok is missing. Usidore says now that they’ve finished emails, they’d better set out to save Otok. Arnie does not remember any of this and asks who Otok is. Chunt and Usidore determine he’s switched brains with nobody.

Additional appearances

  • The dog owner Dogowner, his dog Dog, his brother Catowner and his cat
  • David and Michaels
  • Unknown swordsmen, possibly the Falsetto Marauders

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Resonance Stone
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Arnie, Flower, Krom, Usidre, Otok, Chunt
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