Activia Barleyfoot

Activia is the daughter of Otok Barleyfoot, owner of The Vermilion Minotaur. She ran away to join the Falsetto Marauders, a band of nefarious warriors, and has not been seen by Otok since. Otok and Blemish conduct weekly night watches looking for her, despite the danger of the Marauders. Dwarfs at the Mines of Krelvan have said that they recently saw here there, and that she was seen heading towards the north. Chunt has also posted a missing persons report on Smeg's List. She is often referred to by singing her name (although not in the presence of Otok, because it upsets him).

Early Life

Activia's mother was crushed to death by a Barleywood tree. As a young girl, she idolized Princess Trachea. She and Otok journeyed to the Northeast to visit her, but when Activia called out to the Princess's carriage, the Princess threw a stone at her, opening a gash above her eye. The stone became a prized possession of Activia's, and she took it with her when she left home.

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