Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 13 - Hairdresser
Played by Colleen Doyle
Name Ahag
Occupation Hairdresser

Ahag is a hairdresser and the owner of The Splitting Hair in Nibblebottom.

Ahag has a distinctive voice and has a few health problems, such as Irritable Bone Spurs. She takes six pills from the river a day to counteract many of her problems. Ahag wears a lot of jewelry, mainly rings, bangles and bandanas. She is also klutzy person and woodland creatures tend to approach her.

Ahag does not know much about her past. As far as she can remember, which is four years ago, she had always lived in Nibblebottom. She has many tattoos that may reference her previous life, but cannot make heads or tails of it. However, she is able to remember the name of her pig growing up, Dot Dot Dot. In Season 4, Ep 13 - Hairdresser, it is implies that she may be a princess. Ahag has a son, Arson, that she easily wants to pawn off given it is difficult to care of him. Currently, she lives above her shop.

She is an inventive hairdresser, creating many styles like the ponytail and the pigtail. Ahag gathers much of her talents from the cosmos. Her best works comes when no one tries to make small talk with her, otherwise, the haircut goes awry. Ahag can minimize pain by singing and maximize pain by singing louder. She provides Arnie and Chunt for a consult while Usidore first with her. Other skills she has is giving tattoos. Ahag is also left handed.

There are other businesses that surrounds Ahag's business that she helps out with. To Kill a Wabbit is across the street from The Splitting Hair and she recommends her customers to get a rabbit, then kill it. However, she is not a fan other other barbershops or hair stylist as she views them as competition.

Ahag is played by Colleen Doyle.



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