Akanak’shah the Sphinx
Akanak’shah the Sphinx
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Working Sphinx"
Played by Oscar Montoya
Name Akanak’shah
Species Sphinx
Occupation Barista

Akanak’shah is a Sphinx. She has a woman's face & breasts, a lion's body, eagles wings, and regular poetry readings.


Akanak’shah runs the desert oasis cafe, A Love Bizarre, almost entirely on the strength of one magic tea kettle that makes perfect tea. There are also regular open mics. As a sphinx she loves word-play and riddles, but has fallen out of practice of both.

On Usidore's Fetching Quests!

Usidore and Grimhoof arrive at A Love Bizarre shortly before an open mic poetry reading, seeking Akanak’shah's tea kettle. She offers to put the kettle up against their lives in a riddle contest.

Akanak’shah botches the delivery of several riddles, which she writes off to being out of practice. Finally she delivers a riddle passably enough, which Usidore & Grimhoof fail to solve. As she prepares to devour the two, Grimhoof begins to produce rhymes in syncopation with his hoof beats. Responding to the rhythm, Akanak’shah is able to rhyme again alongside the beat. Thrilled to have her groove back, Akanak’shah decides to spare their lives. She cannot simply give them the tea kettle since they failed at the riddle, but does Usidore for a magic tea kettle he already (encrusted with rubies instead of emeralds, the new kettle looks better with her coloring). She also sells Usidore a journal containing her inspirational mottos.

Akanak’shah the Sphinx is played by Oscar Montoya.


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