Albain Belaroth

Albain Belaroth was king of the Northeast Kingdom. He was 81 years old.

Albain had a strained relationship with his two children, Tomblain and Trachea-Aurelia. Tomblain ran away because he doesn't want to be a prince anymore; Trachea-Aurelia kind of wanted to kill him so she can seize the throne.

Albain was killed instantly when Dorian Deville transferred Chunt's curse to him, which split his heart in two.


  • Husband of Titania Belaroth, queen of the Northeast Kingdom
  • Father of Tomblain Belaroth, prince of the Northeast Kingdom
  • Father of Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth, princess of the Northeast Kingdom
  • While considered kind and peaceful as an adult, Albain did kill his brothers Yrax & Kryton when they were children


  • Albain famously wore a purple cloak. His reign is known as the Purple Reign.
  • His personal guard are the Little Red Corsairs. They are all four feet tall.
  • It is prophesied that when he passes from this realm, the doves will cry.
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