Alice Corn
Alice Corn
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Alice Corn
Kate James and Steve Waltien as Alice Corn and a Series of Bats
First appearance Gettin' Nuts
Played by Kate James
Name Alice P. Corn
Species Acorn
Occupation Acorn

Alice P. Corn, or A. Corn, is an acorn. She and Tomblain Belaroth are currently in a relationship.

Alice is played by Kate James.

Alice was hanging high in her tree in McShingleshane Forest when she met and became enamored with a series of bats who ended up being Tomblain. She now knows his true identity. Alice is happy with Tom and believes that, despite what she was taught growing up, she doesn't need to germinate into an oak tree to be happy, though she does say she may yet follow that path in the future.

When Tom closes his show as a series of bats and leaves the forest, Alice travels with him.


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