Anghallard the Short
Anghallard the Short
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 2, Bonus
Played by Cariad Lloyd
Name Anghallard
Nickname(s) the Short
Species dwarf
Occupation census-taker, aromatherapist

Anghallard the Short is a dwarf happily married to the elf Garreth the Beige. They have been together 10 years and have 9 children together. They have shared the duties of bearing the children, with Anghallard bearing 4, and Garreth 5.

Anghallard is a census taker, and the census collection takes the form of a song where she interrogates people as to who is in what part of their house. She has also been training in aromatherapy, a very serious medical discipline in Foon.

She has an Uncle Susan who is quite ugly from being smashed in the face with an axe.

By her own assessment Anghallard is a good communicator, good at counting, friendly, and gives great head.

Anghallard the Short is played by Cariad Lloyd


The season 2 bonus episode: Sickly Heir, Dwarf and Elf was performed live at the London Podcast Festival, and is only available to listeners on Stitcher Premium


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