Aprel Füls
Aprel Füls
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance: "Gnome"
Portrayed by: Asher Perlman
Name: Aprel Füls
Species: Gnome
Occupation: Prank Bastard

Aprel Füls is a gnome and the son of Jet and Diesel Füls. Füls was designated a Protected Gnome, as opposed to a Guardin' Gnome who are usually taller gnomes.

Füls is the official Prank Bastard of Hogsface; every town has one. 46% of the economy in Hogsface is comedians. Many of his pranks involve using panes of glass, such as leaving one on a chamberpot.

He is about two squirrels tall and wears a pointed hat. Füls wears a yellow collar signifying that he is also a comedian.

Aprel Füls is played by Asher Perlman.


  • Season 2, Ep 21 — "Gnome"
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