Aprel Füls
Aprel Füls
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Gnome"
Played by Asher Perlman
Name Aprel Füls
Species Gnome
Occupation Prank Bastard

Aprel Füls is a gnome and the son of Jet and Diesel Füls. Füls was designated a Protected Gnome, as opposed to a Guardin' Gnome who are usually taller gnomes.

Füls is the official Prank Bastard of Hogsface; every town has one. 46% of the economy in Hogsface is comedians. Many of his pranks involve using panes of glass, such as leaving one on a chamberpot. Aprel slipped a seed inside Usidore's cloak so that it will eventually grow into a tree growing out of his cloak and he'll be like, "WHAAAAAA?" Usidore has mentioned something irritating him there many times, but did not notice the tree growing in there until Arnie and Chunt pointed it out on episode Season 3, Ep 38 — "Distant". On episode Season 4, Ep 15 — "Aprel Füls Visits" Usidore reveals that he used the wood from the tree to make his death bed.

Aprel is about two squirrels tall and wears a pointed hat. Füls wears a yellow collar signifying that he is also a comedian.

Aprel Füls is played by Asher Perlman.


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