Arnie is a human from Chicago on Earth. He fell through a dimensional portal behind the drive through at a Burger King and found himself in the magical land of Foon. He was in his Toyota Camry and had his podcasting equipment with him. He still gets a weak Wi-Fi signal from the Burger King through the rift, so he decided to host a weekly podcast from The Vermilion Minotaur, an inn in the town of Hogsface. His laptop stays powered thanks to Usidore's "miniscule lightning" spell.

He has an evil counterpart on a mirror world named Carnival Wilson.

He has a Cowboy World counterpart also named Arnie who seems to be better at math than Foon Arnie.

Arnie Niekamp plays himself.


Arnie has a wife and child back in Chicago. Many in Foon are under the impression that he's not trying too hard to get back to them, although he claims he is.


  • "Carnival Wilson" is also the trickster name he was given by the namer Merlinda Flimpery, and he enjoys it very much.
  • He is bad at math.
  • A tapestry of him hangs in the Northeast. It features Arnie coming to Foon in a flame of glory among a pegasus and a unicorn, with Queen Titania perched in the corner with her ivory hands clutched to her bosoms, dewy with perspiration.
  • He can do an impression of Joe Pesci that Chunt thinks is very accurate.
  • His Offices & Bosses character is "Ryan DiGiorgi," the boss's son.
  • His nicknames include Fat Shaggy and Nie Nie.
  • Arnie's room at The Vermilion Minotaur is the third door to the right.
  • The Mysterious Man has a robot version of Arnie which he says is a real person and totally not a robot at all.
  • Arnie still has his car with him. It is a Camry and it is kept hidden in the forest.
  • Arnie has said he was on his way to get some skin tags removed when he fell through then dimensional portal.
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