Arnie Niekamp
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Hello From The Magic Tavern"
Played by Arnie Niekamp
Name Arnie Niekamp
Nickname(s) Carnival Wilson, Fat Shaggy, Nie Nie
Species Human
Occupation Podcast host
Affiliation Good

Arnie is a human from Chicago on Earth. He fell through a dimensional portal behind the drive through at a Burger King and found himself in the magical land of Foon. He was in his Toyota Camry and had his podcasting equipment with him. He still gets a weak Wi-Fi signal from the Burger King through the rift, so he decided to host a weekly podcast from The Vermilion Minotaur, an inn in the town of Hogsface.

Arnie Niekamp is played by Arnie Niekamp.

Family & Life on Earth

Arnie has a wife, Sarah, and a daughter (who Usidore and Spintax have named "Phone" after Sarah's most cherished possession) back in Chicago. Many in Foon are under the impression that he's not trying too hard to get back to them, although he claims he is.

Arnie was raised in Ohio. His mother was a math teacher and his father a basketball coach. While in Chicago he worked as a game producer at Jackbox Games, and had created several podcasts including Mystery Cove and Stupid Nerd.

Life on Foon

The first person Arnie met upon Arriving in Foon was Chunt who let Arnie stay in his den and took him to the Vermilion Minotaur where he met Usidore and began his podcast. He eventually moved into a room at the Vermilion Minotaur.

Carnival Wilson

While on the podcast the Namer Merlinda Flimpery gives Arnie the mystical name "Carnival Wilson," and the name is later used in many contexts. Carnival Wilson may refer to:

  • Arnie's evil equivalent in the evil mirror world(see below). Possibly the evil Arnie was given the name by the mirror world's equivalent of Merlinda. Spintax the Green glimpses this evil version of Arnie across the worlds and informs Arnie he is a powerful trickster god.
  • the persona Arnie adopts when a series of events see his wife Sarah shot into space and his daughter left without a caretaker on Earth. Arnie believes the devious Carnival will be more successful in protecting his family than Arnie himself has been.
  • the carfoon Arnie creates while in this state of mind. Known as Carfoon Arnie, the living drawing also thinks of himself as "Carnival Wilson," a trickster.

Mirror Realms

  • Arnie has a cowboy world counterpart also named Arnie who seems to be better at math than Foon Arnie.
  • In a family-friendly version of Foon, Arnie hosts a podcast called Hey Kids, it’s a Magic Tavern! and is able to return home to his family regularly as the portal is still open.
  • In a B-movie science fiction universe version of the podcast, Arnie was a former starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals until brought there by rocket and now hosts a bi-monthly transmission called Hello from the Future.

Robot Arnie

Robot Arnie is a robotic version of Arnie the Mysterious Man keeps aboard the Space Bunker. His duties mostly consist of reading announcements. He insists he is not a robot.1


  • His laptop stays powered thanks to Usidore's "minuscule lightning" spell.
  • He is bad at math.
  • A tapestry of him hangs in the Northeast. It features Arnie coming to Foon in a flame of glory among a pegasus and a unicorn, with Queen Titania perched in the corner with her ivory hands clutched to her bosoms, dewy with perspiration.
  • He can do an impression of Joe Pesci that Chunt thinks is very accurate.
  • His original Offices & Bosses character was "Ryan DiGiorgi," the boss's son. He has had several characters since.
  • Arnie's room at The Vermilion Minotaur is the third door to the right.
  • Arnie still had his car with him when he arrived in Foon. It was a Camry which he kept hidden in the forest, until he drove it into the tavern. It was later taken apart and its parts used for decoration when Activia Barleyfoot redid the place.
  • Arnie has said he was on his way to get some skin tags removed when he fell through the dimensional portal.
  • He has a wizard summoning stone that he has used to summon Jyn'Leeviyah. (It was not obtained on a podcast episode.)
  • Arnie has a Ninja Turtle sweatshirt that Usidore conjured for him.
  • Arnie's head is mostly filled with random trivia because of his job back on earth which involved a lot of writing trivia for games.
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