Arnor the Warrior
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Arnor The Warrior"
Played by Blaine Swen
Name Arnor
Species Demigod
Occupation Warrior

Arnor the Warrior was one of the greatest warriors in Foon. His heroism and derring-do are legendary throughout the land. As a result, "Arnor" is a popular name. Arnor is demi-god, a result of a union between Queen Titania and Bruce the Sky God. After disrupting an assassination attempt against Albain Belaroth, the king welcomed him into service.

Arnor is played by Blaine Swen.


Arnor came to the Vermilion Minotaur to kill Arnie for making his name shorter: in Foon, to shorten his name from "Arnold" to "Arnie," he would need to perform twice as many feats as Arnor. (Both "Arnie" and "Arnor" may have the same number of letters, but "i" comes before "o" so the former is considered to be shorter.)

After discovering that his adoptive father Albain was dead, Arnor found Dorian Deville at the Smoldering Widow who told him he knew who killed Albain and that the answer was at the Vermilion Minotaur. Arnor then learned from the Encyclopedia of Brittani Caw that Arnie was responsible, and returned to exact his revenge by sucking up the sentient vapor Ffffp to be able to go to Earth and kill everyone Arnie loved. Usidore then cast a spell to make Arnor completely forget the last few years, including all but his first five feats and that he had ever even met Arnie before. Unfortunately Arnie then made a crack about Arnor's missing testicles (which he had no memory of), so Arnor renewed his promise kill "Arnold" Niekamp all over again.

Arnor later encountered a Soul Walker who offered to restore his memories as well as his testicles for giving up his soul to The Dark Lord. Arnor agreed, and received not only his memories back but a brand new pair of testicles that can sing (but may possibly grow in size until they burst from his scrotum). The newly-restored Arnor has sworn to exact his revenge against Arnie and Usidore for what they had done.

Returning with his new best friend the Soul Walker, Arnor confronted the gang at Chunt's hovel, swearing his revenge. After a challenging game to determine which best friends know each oither best (Arnor and the Soul Walker vs. Arnie and Chunt), the Soul Walker was defeated by appealing to the souls it contained, freeing all seven within. Arnor was so happy to have all these new best friends that he forgot about the vendetta and left with them to go camping.


Arnor is famous for his feats: he had 38 by his first podcast appearance, and 42 by his second. (After Usidore cast his forgetting spell, Arnor forgot he had accomplished all but the first five.)

His first five feats were:

  • Killing a Fingarian dinner party (his first feat at the age of seven)
  • Learning how to read
  • Killing the Hesitant Cyclops
  • Killing the Howling Wolf
  • Rebuilding the bridges of Gratax in a single day

And his additional ones include defeating:

  • Bornean Bear (its blood styles Arnor's hair, and he wears the bear's steel teeth around his neck)
  • Three-headed Cur of the Caves of Nunn
  • Flesh-Eating Buzzards of Scrr (during this feat, Arnor's testicles were devoured, rendering him sterile)
  • Wild Boar of McShingleshane Forest (killed between Arnor's first and second podcast appearances)
  • Leviathan of the Thallasan Sea
  • Lion (possibly a cub) found shitting in his garden, whose head and pelt he now wears (possibly an accidental death)
  • Manticore of Migas
  • River god Potomas by ripping out his horn when he took the shape of a bull to fight over the love of the water nymph Drickula

And additional non-fatal feats:

  • Freed the slaves of Torrenth
  • Buried the Encyclopedia of Brittani Caw, a prophetic crow who knows everything that will happen in Foon until the end of time
  • Retrieved the stolen golden pineapples of King Albain Belaroth
  • Cleaning out the stables (on stable boy Metamore's day off, which may or may not have been coincidental)
  • Ripping apart Mount Onion to create the Straits of Gibberish Altar

After defeating a foe, Arnor usually says "Keep it real, [defeated foe]."


It was revealed during his latest appearance that Arnor is without testicles once more. The singing testicles bestowed upon him by the Soul Walker came with a terrible price: they left Arnor's body to travel the land performing their musical act.

Mirror Realms

Arnor's counterpart on the evil mirror world is Carnor, the Greatest Car Robot in Foon, who was defeated by Carnival Wilson.


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