Baron Ragoon
Shangleberth Ragoon
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Baron Ragoon"
Played by Chris Rathjen
Name Baron Shangleberth Ragoon
Species Humanish
Occupation Baron
Affiliation The Dark Lord, the Shrike Valley

Baron Shangleberth Ragoon is ruler and steward of the Shrike Valley. He became a Baron at the age of seven after seeing his parents devoured by Smorps. He is a sympathizer of the Dark Lord, and a falconer.

Following his parents death the young Baron was deeply unhappy. He learned of the Dark Lord from Crazy Jared, a woman in Shrike who would rant and scream about the Dark Lord on the streets.1 He was later visited by the Dark Lord in a dream, who took the boy into his service.2 At age 17 he declared his open allegiance to the Dark Lord, & imprisoned the servants & advisers who had raised him.3


The Baron had four children with his wife Karen and at least six bastard children. We later learn that he has 11 children total, and all but four are bastards. His legitimate children in birth order are his eldest son Shangleberth Jr., his twins Jayme and Sayme, and a toddler daughter, Lorde.

  • The Baron swore Shangleberth Jr. to the Dark Lord and hasn't seen him since he came of age, but will sometimes hear from him on the wind. The Baron is planning on getting his son back by arranging a marriage to Princess Trachea-Aurelia for political power.
  • The twins are creepy and skeletal in appearance and hold hands wherever they go, and often prank their father in unsettling ways.
  • The youngest child, Lorde, was named after the Dark Lord, & is sometimes called "the baby." She is rarely seen, but is sometimes spotted scuttling in dark corners.6

The Baron's bastard children are all named "Hank". They include:

  • Magic Hank, who is the oldest and is a "she", and is training to be a sorcerer
  • Dank Hank, who is down by the water
  • Swank Hank, who is a bit of a dandy
  • Magic Hank XL, also training to be a sorcerer

Mirror Realms

His Evil Mirror World counterpart is Duke Ragoon7.

His cowboy world counterpart is Solomon Ragoon, the Railroad Baron of High Foon. He seems more stoic and indulgent to the higher echelons than his Foon counterpart. He has had the habit of having his butt bitten by snakes and having Cowboy Arnie suck out the poison.

Baron Ragoon is played by Chris Rathjen.


  • When the Baron Ragoon was a child, a brown wizard at his court was known as Banjo Pop-Tart. The Baron thought him "a fool: for every great feat, there were ten of bluster."
  • His favorite food is boysenberry.
  • As a high-profile agent of the Dark Lord, the Baron has admirers known as "Baron Bros."8

Episode Appearances

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