Bearnaisse Paws
Bearnaisse Paws
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Masters of Mayhem Season 2, Ep 2 - "Bear Socialite"
Played by Rashawn Nadine Scott
Name Bearnaisse Paws
Species bear
Occupation socialite/distiller

Bearnaisse Paws is a bear socialite living in Northeastia who will get you sauced.

Bearnaisse Paws is played by Rashawn Nadine Scott


Bearnaise is a powerful bear. She is active in Northeastia's upper-class social circles and attends the dirtball games. She is producing her own line of high-end honey gin, called Tickle.

She feels stifled by the expectations of her class and parents(her father Bechamel, her mother Rémoulade). She wishes for a more exciting and independent life as a scoundrel.

She is lapsed in her devotion to the bear god Yogi.

Bearnaisse is unconcerned about the balance of power in Foon, as she and her kin can simply travel to another plane of reality if they no longer enjoy the state of the world. However, that ability will be lost if the dreaded Lord Newman ever discovers the bears' Hidden Valley.

On Masters of Mayhem

Bearnaise is promoting her Tickle gin at an event displaying the broach of the Belaroths, when she encounters Baron Ragoon & Dripfang. She takes a liking to the two, especially Dripfang, respecting his un-refined nature, and expresses a desire to break free of her society role. Drunk off gin, the two invite her to join their heist. She promptly devours the guards protecting the art and takes as her cut of the heist of portrait of the Dowager Bear Princess long ago stolen by the Belaroths.



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