Benedict Whisperbrew
Benedict Whisperbrew
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The Eunuch"
Played by Brendan Dowling
Name Benedict Whisperbrew
Species Eunuch
Occupation Chancellor of Secrets
Affiliation Queen Titania Belaroth

Benedict Whisperbrew is the adjunct eunuch and Chancellor of Secrets in the court of Titania Belaroth.

Benedict Whisperbrew is played by Brendan Dowling.


Literary Career

Before becoming a eunuch, he was well known for writing the shortest stories in Foon, and was nominated for several Foonian literary awards. His stories were very short, often just a letter or a sound.

Here are some selected works. Note that the title is also the entirety of the story. Angled brackets indicate descriptions of sounds; in which case the sound is also the entirety of the story.

  • "<high pitched boong! sound>": This was the story of elvish widow who comes to terms with her husband not coming back from the elvish armies of 7th realm. She gives herself permission to embark on a relationship with a centaur tamer that she has had a latent flirtation with.
  • "<sexual grunt>": This story clearly has an erotic frankness, but it is also considered anti-war and pro-humanistic. As such, it was banned in over 72% of libraries in Foon.

Court of Queen Titania

In the course of his duties in Queen Titania's court, he keeps a leather-bound journal of secrets, the most sensitive of which are written in phoenix blood (which only other eunuchs can see), and the rest written in raven's blood. He is also the "procurer of things they need to find". He gets most of his secrets from birds, and keeps an aviary of gossiping birds in the northeast.

He was demoted from Court Eunuch to Adjunct Eunuch for failing to return Arnie to the court of Queen Titania. He is stripped of all courtly privileges and had to reattend eunuch classes 1-3 before auditioning for Court Eunuch at the end of the next term. He missed the sign-up period in October, and the role of Court Eunuch instead went to rival Duncan Brittlebrain (or perhaps Duncan's brother, Dennis Brittlebrains).

Theatrical Career

Following his failure to regain his position, he allied himself with Princess Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth to assist her in murdering her brother. They then began producing a Tosser-winning play only to lure Tom out of hiding, but soon decided it was worth seriously pursuing. Metanoid was one of those showing up to their open call for casting. Usidore later mentions he saw the finished play ("Woof", from the works of P.S. Eliot) and that it was not very good.

Benedict was last in the Vermillion Minotaur supporting himself as a tutor to local immigrants taking the citizenship test for Foon, and organizing a parade for National Eunuch Appreciation Day.

After failing as playwrights and failing to place Princess Trachea on the thrown, the two eventually had a falling out, with Trachea stealing his last and best stage play as they parted ways. When his rival in the court of the Beleroths, Duncan Brittlebrain, dies under mysterious circumstances in the run-up to Queen Titania's abdication, Benedict hopes to endear himself to the next sovereign.

Personal Life

He has a nephew, Bartholomew Whisperbrew. He also has very well-formed nostrils. Following his demotion, he briefly considering reattaching himself.


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