Big Cat
Big Cat
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 61 - Brothers (w/ Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger of Doughboys)"
Played by Mike Mitchell
Name @@

Big Cat is an warrior in Castle Skullmaster. He is locked in combat with his brother The Mound

Big Cat was played by Mike Mitchell


Big Cat is an enormous warrior. He is nimble like a cat and wears a sack. He his "sensitive bits" are under-developed after being struck there as a child. He has a limited vocabulary.


On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Big Cat says he began fighting his brother The Mound in the womb, a struggle that killed their mother. Big Cat was born first, and killed their father for the sin of blaming him for his mothers death.

An irreconcilable feud developed with his brother when he ate The Mounds pet(or sibling?), Biscuit. Seeking to reconcile the brothers, Arnie, Chunt & Usidore take them to the Pet Sematary on the grounds of Castle Skullmaster to bury Biscuit's remains. They give Usidore a handful of crumbs.

With this information, Usidore deciphers that maybe their fight wasn't them fighting to the death, but having a sex fight then breakfast, where the biscuit was a cum-coated cookie, and the two wanting to go back to the womb, which really meant the room. The Mound and Big Cat clarify that they did get married and the three barged in on them having sex. Arnie suggest that maybe they weren't brothers after all. However, this realization makes the Mound and Big Cat want to fight the group.



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