Blemish is a half-dwarvish employee of The Vermilion Minotaur. He is the son of Bumble, grandson of Bimbo, who both worked under Otok Barleyfoot at the Vermilion Minotaur, and helped create the recipe for the tavern's spiced potatoes. He is known for his knowledge of rumors, and often uses rumors to inspire his performance at Chunt's Night, where his specialty is "angry song". He has been noticed sneaking into guests' rooms and "feeding on [their] night breath", looking at them in a silent scream and expelling a cat from his mouth. He often speaks about someday gaining power and exacting revenge, but always says that he's just kidding about it. He has an unfortunate habit of taking his penis out of his robe while working.

When Otok leaves Hogsface on a quest to find his daughter Activia, Blemish is left in charge of the Vermilion Minotaur, though Otok also asks Arnie to keep an eye on things.

Blemish said he keeps going to the basement at the Minotaur because that is where he keeps his dwarven wife made from a series of 52 sacks of flour. In reality, he was also preparing the cellar to hold a portal that allowed The Dark Lord to come to the Minotaur. Blemish fought alongside Baron Ragoon, Squibbert, and Evil Tannakin with the help of The Dark Lord to stop Usidore's quest by capturing his party in battle at The Vermilion Minotaur.

He showed his true naked form at the battle. Although Blemish's penis has been out before, this time they noticed that he had a cat penis. Blemish still worked at the tavern afterwards but did so happily after The Dark Lord took over Hogsface alongside Daphne the unwed mother as barmaid.

Blemish gained new confidence from a nickname the Baron gave him: Crazy Jared (based on a woman the Baron knew by the same name).

During a struggle in the basement with Arnie and Usidore, Blemish accidentally spit into the Bowl of Watery Death, shrank, and drowned in the bowl, professing his love for Otok Barleyfoot before he died.

Blemish was played by Martin Wilson.


According to 52 Sacks of Flour, Blemish has webbed toes.

Episode Appearances

too many to mention
last appearance and death in Season 2, Ep 18 – The Basement

Artwork of Blemish by Vaughn Pinpin

Mirror World Counterpart

His counterpart on the mirror world is also Blemish. This counterpart is also half-dwarf, but that half was destroyed by Tannakin the Terrible so he now just crawls around without it.

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