Blorth the Brown

Blorth the Brown is a brown wizard. He was a mittens player for the Delorea Stinkpigs. He was well-known to be a total dick and the biggest asshole in Foon. His time on the Stinkpigs ended when he was put into a kiln. As we have learned from one of his homunculi, he apparently survived and is very depressed and unmotivated.

Blorth once met the troll Craig Davis on the road and when he refused to move aside, Blorth cursed him with compromised powers.

Blorth the Brown is also known as Smanghanger the Diminished.

When the Baron Ragoon was a child, a brown wizard in his court in Shrike was known as Banjo Pop-Tart. It is unknown if Banjo and Blorth are the same person or if he was just an earlier holder of the Brown Wizard mantle.

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