Blorth the Brown
Blorth the Brown
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Name Blorth the Brown
Species Wizard
Occupation Wizard

Blorth the Brown is a brown wizard. He is also known as Smanghanger the Diminished, Banjo Pop-Tart, and Bonesly. When Blorth was created by the forces of Foon, it was without a specific purpose, leaving Blorth to find his own.

He was a mittens player for the Delorea Stinkpigs. During that time was well-known to be a total dick and the biggest asshole in Foon. His time on the Stinkpigs ended when he was put into a kiln.1

For some time Blorth has been very depressed and unmotivated. He is a shut-in, and most of his interactions with the world are handled by a homunculi he created, named Metanoid, who hopes fervently for his creator & master to recover.2

His hobbies include needlepoint.

Blorth once met the troll Craig Davis on the road and when he refused to move aside, Blorth cursed him with compromised powers.


  • Jyn'Leeviyah and Usidore believe Blorth's depression was set off when he broke up with a unicorn.
  • When the Baron Ragoon was a child, a brown wizard who would visit his court in Shrike was known as Banjo Pop-Tart. It is unknown if Blorth was Banjo at the time or if that was just an earlier holder of the Brown Wizard mantle, although Banjo Pop-Tart is a name Blorth goes by now.
  • According to Claudia the Witch, Bonesly is one of Blorth the Brown's other names.5
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