Books of Foon

The books of Foon are numerous.


  • The Loneliest Loneliest Son of Lonely by Tom Bigglesworth, a childrens' book that inspired Foon's most popular sport Mittens
  • One Groovy Minotaur by Rook Nasterly, the first in Nasterly's series of half detective novel/half pornos of which seven are planned
  • Two Swanky Cyclopses by Rook Nasterly
  • Three Randy Centaurs by Rook Nasterly
  • Four Chill Wood Elves by Rook Nasterly
  • Bride of Prejudice by Rook Nasterly, the second prequel in another Nasterly series, this one about a bigoted detective
  • Handmaidens of Blurth
  • Handmaidens of Blurth: Felicia's Erotic Journey
  • Handmaidens of Blurth: The Dragon Cock Chronicles
  • Anal Trolls 1, 2, & 3 — (Two is widely considered the best)
  • Misty Maidens
  • The Foggy Boys
  • Watch Maidmen
  • The Red Shoe Diaries
  • Stinky Reginald and the Maiden of Gorn


  • Eat Prey, Love, a book about a mother wolf teaching her cub to eat its prey and love it
  • Leaky Wands and Other Telltale Signs of WD [Wizard Dysfunction]
  • Spintax: The Unauthorized Biography
  • My Two Heads by Simon Lemmington Bartholomew, Monster Hunter
  • A History of Hogsface (Itself)
  • Succession, a book on the rules of royal succession

Books of magic

  • The Pandenomicon by Spintax the Green, the most comprehensive tome on demonology in Foon, with additional details on miscellaneous monsters and Spintax's sexual exploits
  • The Book of the Things That Have Names, a foundational text for any being who wishes to learn spellcraft
  • You Can't Change It Back: Think Before You Spell
  • Makin' It Rain and 49 Other Weather-Based Spells You Can Do At Home
  • Incantations, From Alakazam to Zoobilee Zoo, a scroll of 26 spells, including Bibbity Boppity Boop, which turns gourds into riding instruments

Self-help books

  • Think You Can’t Change Your Life? I Bat You Can by Tomblain Belaroth
  • Thinking Happy Thoughts to Slay the Demons that Surround Your Mind by Elroy Topplestar
  • The Hush-Hush Thing, a book that teaches you how to make something you want come true by screaming it aloud; endorsed by Oprah
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting the Locust King by the Duchess Apocolyptica1

Scrolls and periodicals

  • Nymphs' News
  • Witch's Bitches
  • Scrolls of the Foonian Science Society

Earth books

Tomes transported to Foon through the efforts of the Earth man Arnie Niekamp

  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
  • Five Stages of Grief by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler

Books of arcane power

  • The Book of Sight, an artifact from the dawn of Foon, responsible for the rise of Dark Lords
  • The Sacred Tome of Deyfral, in the protective care of Jyn'Leeviyah the Red
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