Bridges in Foon are not remarkably different than those on Earth, save for little differences.

Differences From Earth Bridges

Bridge Trolls

Every bridge has a bridge troll living under it, and travellers must answer their riddle to cross it, unless, of course, the bridge troll is on break or vacation. Travellers may also make a trade or best the troll in physical combat in order to cross.

Architect Bodies

Most bridges not only have the name of their architect on the side of it, but also contain their body as well. Most bridge architects are killed in the construction of their bridge. In fact, it is seen as a great failure for an architect to survive a bridge's construction.


Bridges are often habitat to Garfunts.

Known Bridges

Bridge Architect Bridge Troll Notes
Ashit Bridge Cornball Ashit Clovis About 430 years old; Cornball was previously a shack designer. Clovis' abode under the bridge is considered very nice.
Fiftyninthstreet Bridge Edwin Fiftyninthstreet Bridget


Mothmen have an inborn animosity to bridges.1

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