Brodus Tarver

Brodus Tarver, aka Bro-taur, is a Taur: half-man and half-animal. He is a muscular man on the top half, and what looks like a well-endowed bear (or maybe a sloth or a hairy rhinocerous) with four muscular (shaven) legs on the bottom. He has been dominating Foon as its champion for 22 years. He has defeated many other challengers including Les-taur and Mecha-Bro-taur, a metal version of himself. Bro-taur likes to say "Bwah bwah bwah bweeeeeenh!"

Bro-taur is played by Colt Cabana.

Episode Appearances

Season 2, Ep 10 – Bro-taur (w/ Colt Cabana)

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