Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Demi Goddess"
Played by Carisa Barreca
Name Bullexa
Species Demi-Goddess
Occupation Information Attache

Bullexa is a demigoddess who has spent millennia imprisoned in portalgatory.

Bullexa is played by Carisa Barreca.


Bullexa is Demi-Goddess with near-omniscience, who will answer most questions put to her. She does not always take physical form, but when she does she has the head of a cow and is over 20 feet tall. In the past she was involved with King Dodongo Belaroth, before being imprisoned for millennia within a portal.

On /Masters of Mayhem

Baron Ragoon & Dripfang discover Bullexa when they are transversing portalgatory. After the duo answer a series of riddles, she is freed from portalgatory and is instead bound to the duo. She accompanies them to the minions ball where they are taken back into the Dark Lord's service.

When the two are given new duties by the Dark Lord she remains bound to them, though they do not realize it and quickly forget her. She spends a lot of time thinking about her own needs and happiness. When the duo reunite and think to call upon her again, she assists them in solving the riddles of King Dodongo's Tomb.


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