Space Bunker Epsilon

Space Bunker Epsilon is an outpost of the inter-dimensional Bunker Guardians, founded and maintained under the auspices of Space Bunker High Command. Like Space Bunker Zeta, it contains advanced technology seemingly beyond limit or comprehension.

Craig and PV3 dock at Space Bunker Epsilon after mistaking it for Space Bunker Zeta, only to find the bunker littered with corpses. They soon discover alien lifeforms have killed the crew, aside from the now insane Captain Leonard Bernard, who attempts to eat Craig. Eventually the creatures kills Cpt. Bernett but Craig & PV3 destroy the creatures and retake control of the station.1

Craig & PV3 repair the station and remain there for one year, during which time Craig introduces a number of spinoff transmission:

Space Bunker Epsilon is destroyed by PV3 after the bunker AI goes insane and attempts to kill both PV3 & Craig. Craig & PV3 escape the bunker via escape pod.2

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