Bustly Mormler
Bustly Mormler
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 42 - Bibbits"
Played by Alden Ford
Name Bustly Mormler
Species Bibbit
Occupation Butler

Bustly Mormler is a bibbit invited for a job interview for Usidore's quest.

Bustly was played by Alden Ford.


Bustly Mormler is a bibbit of the Northern Farthing. He lives in a bibbit burrow, and is servant & gardener to Polo Tatums.

As a gardener he's bred several strains of pipeweed, the Leaf of the Creaking Meadows.

He is planning to assist Polo on his quest to return the trinket.


He was born & raised in the backyard servants shed of Polo Tatums.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern



  • Season 3, Ep 42 — "Bibbits (w/ Alden Ford and Winston Noel from 'Mission to Zyxx')"
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