Can The Yellow
Can the Yellow
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Can the Wizard"
Played by Arnie Niekamp
Name Can the Yellow
Species Wizard
Occupation Wizard
Affiliation Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards

Can the Yellow is a wizard colleague of Usidore's. As a yellow wizard, Can is a master of space and time.

His full name is very long, but part of it is:

Caneficent Dewspring, Master of Space and Time, Headmaster of the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards; the Elves did know me Cannigan the Everliving, the Elves do know me as Candle Dewspice, the Elves will know me as Candy Crowley; the Dwarfs did know me as Canned Heat, the Dwarfs do know me as Canticle Lebowitz, and the Dwarfs will know me as Canban Scrummaster…

Usidore and Can often work together to defeat imp lords, dark elves, and other threats. He cast the anti-goblin enchantment on The Vermilion Minotaur for Otok, as he is unfortunately racist against goblins.

Can is married, but no one seems to know to whom. He is apparently the wizard from the well-known legend of Dummy Canyon, who transforms a mad king into a rock.

Can the Wizard is played by Arnie Niekamp.

Time Powers

Can's main power is that he will live until the end of time, and when the world is created anew again, he will continue living. He has been through several loops of existence, and because of this has vague memories of events that will occur. However, because the entirety of creation is so vast, he cannot clearly remember events that are not sufficiently dramatic, leading him to half-remember or incorrectly remember many things. In fact, he does not even know how old he is, because he cannot remember coming into existence. It should be noted that even though his life span seems to be indefinite, he is not immortal and can be killed.

Each successive loop, however, means there will be another Can in the timeline. It is unclear if this Can is added to each timeline, or if each iteration exists across each timeline, but he notes that history always turns out the same way. Regardless, if he fails to die by a certain point, it will become necessary to kill him before the universe is populated by too many Cans. Can has a vague knowledge that he one day must die to save Foon, but is uncertain if it will be for this reason or not.

Can will also delegate tasks to his selves that are more suited to them; for example, Usidore will usually quest with a younger Can instead of an older one. Because it is unclear just how long Can will live or has lived, the realm of possibilities of his potential seem almost limitless. For example, a future version of him may in fact be the Dark Lord.


Can is the headmaster of the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards, that some wizards attend before going to the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. He notably was in charge during the tragic death of Frizznap Tingle, thanks to a prophecy about him defeating the Dark Lord.

Despite being a headmaster, he doesn't love teaching, doesn't like children, or the bureaucracy of academia. In addition to teaching at Jizzlenob, Can has studied at the Great Halls of Terr'akkas many times.


Occupation Past/Present/Future (did/do/will) Name
Elves did know him as Cannigan the Everliving
Elves do know him as Candle Dewspice
Elves will know him as Candy Crowley
Dwarfs did know him as Canned Heat
Dwarfs do know him as Canticle Lebowitz
Dwarfs will know him as Canban Scrummaster
Vampires did know him as Candrick Lamar2
Vampires do know him as Can Me if You Catch3
Vampires will know him as Can D. Voltaire4
Princesses will know him as Dull in the Wind5
Pranksters ? know him as Canopy Nuts6
Giants did know him as Can Delroy7


  • He enjoys drinking water with a little banana in it.
  • Just prior to a Offices and Bosses game, the Singing Sword stabbed Can outside The Vermilion Minotaur. It is not known if he survived the attack, but since Usidore has demonstrated that wizards cannot be killed by stabbing, he is likely to be fine.
  • According to The Freshgrave Twins, Can is also Dean of Jizzlenob.
  • Chunt said Can is dead and that they attended his funeral8, but Can has appeared on the podcast since then; he is the master of space and time after all.

Mirror Realms

His counterpart on the evil mirror world is Can the Green.

In the family-friendly dimension, he is known as Can-Do the Wizard.


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