Carnival Wilson
Carnival Wilson
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Name: Carnival Wilson
Nickname(s): Carnie
Species: Human
Occupation: Trickster god
Affiliation: The Dark Lord

Carnival Wilson is an evil trickster god and the mirror world version of Arnie Niekamp. Carnival is a human from Evil Chicago on Earth. He fell through a dimensional portal behind a Chik-Fil-A in Chicago and found himself in the horrible land of Foon. He still gets a weak Wi-Fi signal from the Chik-Fil-A through the rift, so he decided to host a weekly podcast from The Vermilion Minotaur, an evil tavern in the town of Hogsface.

His co-hosts are his life partner, the shapeshifter Wendigo Wilson, and the evil sorcerer Usidore the Black.

Carnival is played by Arnie Niekamp.


  • He is trim and buff.
  • He has the Solar Sword.
  • He can't stop talking about Earth stuff even though no one else wants to hear about it.
  • The name of his evil improv group is Bang-A-Rang.
  • He is great at math.
  • He fought and killed Carnor, the Greatest Car Robot in Foon.
  • Usidore the Black sometimes calls him "Carnie", but he prefers to be called "Carnival".


Arnie has a wife he abandonded back in Evil Chicago.


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