Carol the Spider Mom
Carol the Spider Mom
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 63 - Spider Mom"
Played by Christy Bonstell
Name Carol
Species Spider
Occupation Mom

Carol is a spider and a mother of serveral children living in Castle Skullmaster.

Carol was played by Christy Bonstell


Carol is a "Big Ass Spider" living in a web room in Castle Skullmaster. Immediately, Chunt asked her if she was venomous, which she quickly replies no. Carol is a hands off mother, but still fairly attentive enough to her children, all named Kaila. It is not known if Carol was ever married, she just states that she is a single mother and participates in the hookup culture for spiders, and occasionally other creatures. Carol's interests include cross stitching, fermented gnats, traveling, mostly because she has been in every part of the room. . Carol likes birds, but are weary of them since spiders are prey to them. Spiders are known to eat spider webs.


Not is known much of Carol's past before the Shattering. Carol has given birth to a total set of 1500 children and traditionally works nights. During the Shattering, all of her children, which at the time of the recording is 300+ children, are all learning remotely on a web connection with all separate teachers.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore first stubble upon Carol at her current residence in a web room in Castle Skullmaster. When she hears their voices, she asked if they were children as she was tired of being surrounded by children all the time. While being interviewed, she shares her experience with remote learning, her parenting techniques, what the her children learn, and how she socializes. To give Carol a break, Chunt accidently offers to baby site while she goes on a "date" with Usidore. However Carol was supposed to mingle outside with other spiders before the group came in. She accepts the date thinking it was real. During this, Arnie poses as a waiter and Chunt also poses as the manager. This distraction causes Chunt to lose Caorl's kids, which they are found in the stomach of a bat. Usidore reveals the ruse, which she expresses her disappointment and sexual frustration.


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