Charles Schmutz
Charles Schmutz
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Carfoonist"
Played by Scott Kurtz
Name Charles Schmutz
Species Humanish
Occupation Carfoonist

Charles Schmutz is a renowned carfoonist. As a trained carfoonist he uses magic paints to create living drawings.

Charles studied the art of carfooning for many years. The entrance exam to the University of Carfooning consists of submitting a drawing of a badger. Successful applicants, such as Schmutz, will notice that sample image is actually a shape-shifter in badger form, and reflect that in their own submission (Chunt suspects this may have been a modeling job he took in the past).

He lives in the town of Hogsface with his wife.

His works include:

  • Marmaduke, a comic about a fat orange cat who hates Flensdays. Schmutz forgot to draw him with lungs, so the cat died almost immediately
  • Marmaduke minus Marmaduke, a comic without the orange cat. Audiences are mostly confused since they do not know the cat.
  • No Shoes For Tuesday, his most successful work: long stories that always ends with a dog finding a bone in the ground
  • The Wizard of Ed, the story of a guy named Ed who wins the services of a wizard butler in a bet
  • The story of small child and a huge tiger, the child died when Schmutz forgot to draw his anus
  • A story of three sisters, inspired by the Goddesses of Foon, who come to Foon to work work

After meeting Arnie he considers creating a carfoon about a man who falls into Foon through a dimensional portal, befriends a red wizard and an unfunny creature locked in a single shape.

Charles has also created (or endorsed) the game Oodles of Doodles, which allows players to create their own carfoons at home.

Charles Schmutz is played by Scott Kurtz.


  • Offices and Bosses Season 1, Ep 1 — "Flower from I.T." (sponsor)
  • Season 2, Ep 7 — "Carfoonist" (Live from Emerald City Comic Con)
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