Chest Trünkborn
Chest Trünkborn
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Treasure Chest"
Played by Travis McElroy
Name Chest Trünkborn
Species Mimic
Occupation Mimic

Chest Trünkborn is a mimic masquerading as a mahogany treasure chest that has been sitting in the tavern since the beginning of the podcast. His normal shape is an amorphous blob before deciding to be a treasure chest. He eats for sport(doesn't require any food), as Arnie was once a potential target for Chest. Some believe mimics were created by Usidore; Usidore did admit to taking an amorphous gel and turning it into a mimic.

His fathers last name was "Trünk," hence the name, Trünkborn. Trünkborn hails from West Vagina, where the two legs of the river meet. Trünkborn attended Box U. and was roommates with the Groogan.

Chest finds success in comedy with his "You Might be a Mimic" routine, and eventually takes on the intern Todd to carry him to gigs.

Chest wears a size XXXXXXXXXL T-shirt.1

Chest Trünkborn is played by Travis McElroy.


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