Chorly Benthsmaw
Chorly Benthsmaw
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Chunt for Red October 5 - Executive Hoarders"
Played by Joe Burton
Name Chorly Benthsmaw
Species Sea Creature
Occupation Sea Creature

Chorly Benthsmaw is a half man, half amphibian, half fish from the Black Luster Lagoon who is responsible for cleaning up estuaries. He is married to a fish name Joanie.

Chorly was born from a clutch 500+ eggs, spent some time as sprat, and was one of only 45 who survived to adulthood. His brother Mike was eaten as a sprat.

Chorly Benthsmaw is played by Joe Burton.


Chorly formerly worked as a sub-minion of the Dark Lord.


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