Chu Chu's Chow

Chu Chu's Chow is the name of a late night tavern located in the haunted cabin hovering above the Purple Bog. It was destroyed in the Siege of Hogsface, but after The Dark Lord ceded control of Hogsface to Arnie and the gang, Chunt reopened it.



  • Pork Skull: The meat of the most evil pig you know, all stuffed into its skull
  • Sundered Beef
  • Green Beans and Grubs
  • Saturday Morning Surprise
  • Deep Fried Fox Face
  • Sheep's Face
  • Pig's Face
  • Horsetail Fritters
  • Whole Goat, marinated in blood
  • Cram'N'Scrap
  • Beak Bread, leftover chicken parts combined into a pastry
  • Crowssaint, Beak Bread made with crow
  • Sparking Owl Tears
  • Fut Nuts

All menu items are locally sourced, because there are no other options.

Chu Chu's Chow also offers a prix fixe menu.1


They have experimented with ways of delivering food.

  • The first experiment involved getting tiny horses to drag the food around, but the food got dirty.
  • The second experiment involved Usidore attempting to make the food sentient and deliver itself. The result was Gorgeous.

Selected Recipes

Saturday Morning Surprise

The uneaten portions of Friday's meals, scraped into a casserole dish, mixed with mayonnaise and liver paté, and cooked for 4 minutes at 6000 degrees. Those who eat it wither into a pile of nothing. Surprise!

Deep Fried Fox Face

Skin the face of a fox, and slowly lower the face meant into a boiling hot pool of oil until it is crispy & delicious. Served with fur.


Take any animal found under the light of the full moon and slit its belly open with a sacred dagger. Clean out entrails, and then cram the cavity with as much raw meat of another animal that you can, and sew it up. This must be done in the light of the full moon, and must be done before sun rises, otherwise the animal will reanimate. Then, soak animal in its own urine for 24 hours, and cook it rotisserie style.


The restaurant is currently deep in debt, however, the owners seem to think it unlikely that a debt collector will venture into a haunted bog to collect from a powerful wizard.

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