Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Hello from the Magic Tavern"
Played by Adal Rifai
Name Chunt
Nickname(s) Chu Chu, King of the Badger, Li'l Squish
Species Shapeshifter
Occupation Various, podcast co-host
Affiliation Chaotic Good

Chunt is a changeling who changes shape (usually) two weeks after engaging in sexual acts with the species/person/magical item whose shape he would like to take, but on the podcast he is most often in the shape of a badger. He co-hosts the podcast with Arnie and Usidore.

Chunt is played by Adal Rifai.

Family and Early Life

Chunt's mother Eleanor is a manticore (of the variety with a lion's head, scorpion body, and dragon or bat wings) and his father Hungho is a hunger ghost. This pairing is one of the rare combinations that will produce a shapeshifter offspring. The two hit it off because his father was very hungry and his mother is an excellent cook (her spiced potatoes are said to rival that of the Vermilion Minotaur). His father actually died during the wedding ceremony while trying to eat the entire wedding cake. His parents are currently divorced, with his father roaming Foon looking for food, and his mother sending him care packages.

He is cousins with the shapeshifter Stemopoulos, son of Bonnie Chunt, Chunt's father's sister. His father has another sister, Helen Chunt.

His uncle Augie on his mother's side is also a manticore.

Chunt was an S-Section baby, and had to be removed from his mother's thorax. He was (maybe) born on a pirate ship1, during the year his mother roamed Foon following the death of her husband2. When Chunt was first born until his first shift, his appearance was "manticore-ish": a lion with a human(his father's) head.3

As a young shapeshifter, he enjoyed the game Watertown, and would often play a prank on his parents by leaving the house as one form, and coming back as another. His first mittens game was seeing the Delorea Stinkpigs.

Chunt attended the Patchouli Grade School, a bad smelling place built atop the corpse of an ogre.


  • Every week, Chunt hosts Chunt's Night at the Vermilion Minotaur.
  • Chunt was crowned King of the Badgers by the badger community when it appeared he had a terminal curse,4 but when he recovered (and after some incidents of poor leadership) the other badgers pressured him to give up his crown. He now styles himself as King of the Badger (singular, himself).5
  • Chunt co-owned a restaurant called Chu-Chu's Chow with Usidore the Blue, and a spin-off food cart that serves butt soup.


  • Chunt's up with that
  • Lil squishin it
  • Get Wet
  • Bing Bong

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Besides being a badger, Chunt has taken many other forms:
Forms Times Notes
Shapeling at birth described in Season 1, Ep 15 — "Transdimensional Deliveryman"
several goats, bear, eagle, cat, bird, cricket, spider Pre-Podcast Mentioned in pilot.6
Worm Pre-Podcast Mentioned in Season 1, Ep 25 - Eagles
Seal Pre-Podcast Mentioned in Season 1, Ep 43 - Sharks
Raven Pre-Podcast Mentioned in Season 2, Ep 43 - Former Bird (w/ Joel Kim Booster)
Moth Pre-Podcast Mentioned in S2 BONUS - Sickly Heir, Dwarf and Elf (live from the London Podcast Festival)
Vampire bat Pre-Podcast Mentioned in Season 1, Ep 16 — "Spintax the Green"
Horse (regular) - -
Hare - -
Ant - -
Owl Pre-Podcast Mentioned in Season 1, Ep 54 - Witch
Squirrel Pre-Podcast Mentioned in Season 3, Ep 71 - Solstice Squirrel
Badger Season 1, Ep 1 - Ep 13 Chunt had been a badger for 2 weeks at the time of start of the podcast.
Horse (Tiny with two buttholes) Season 1, Ep 14 transformed after sleeping with a tiny horse conjured by Usidore7
Badger Season 1, Ep 15 - 48 Chunt reveals he's regularly hooking up with badgers
Crocodile Season 1, Ep 49 - Princess Phillipa Probably a crocodile, maybe an alligator
Badger Season 1, Ep 50 - Season 2, Ep 17 -
Flamingo Season 2, Ep 17 - 18 Chunt shifted after a date with Florence the Flamingo, a Dark Lord employee in Hogsface
Gorilla Season 2, Ep 45 -
Oyster Season 2, Ep 46 -
Starling Season 2, Ep 47 Chunt has a date with Starling author Rook Nasterly
Badger Season 2, Ep 48 - Season 3, Ep 3 – Demon while Chunt is on the outs with most Badgers, he is still friendly with Monica

He keeps a tapestry in his home chronicling all of the forms he has taken. Thanks to a wish granted from a Great Blue Tiger bone, any form he took had two buttholes, until Crystal the Genie gave him two-and-a-half buttholes.

Shapeshifter Traits

Shapeshifters mature very quickly so that their core ability can manifest itself as soon as possible. A two-year old shapeshifter has the maturity of a 28 year old human.

Shapeshifters will always take the exact form of the creature they have sex with. They can also only have one child. If a changeling wishes to procreate, they must take their one sperm, place it into their penis, and they will conceive with the next creature they have sex with. (One presumes their partner must be an animal with a fertilizable egg, and that the shapeshifter must be in a form with a penis.) The sperm was taken from him after the Siege of Hogsface, but he now has it back in his possession.

Shapeshifters can also retain the language of any creature whose form they take, well enough to have basic conversations with them even after shapeshifting to a new form.



Chunt is an affable man about town and is generally popular amongst the denizens of Foon. He’s is more specifically friends with Usidore, who might be his best friend, and Arnie, who usually is not his best friend. His other friends include:

Chunt has known Usidore since he was little, and believes they were introduced by Otok Barleyfoot.10


Chunt's has always been active dater, as shapeshifting is linked to sexual interactions, but his most serious relationship has been with Twosidore the "twizard". After a yearlong courtship they announced their intention to marry.


Mirror Realms

There are various mirror realms that are different variations of the characters we know on Foon. The different versions of Chunt include:

  • A cowboy world version where he is a talking horse named Champ.


  • Chunt was hunting in the forest when he first came across Arnie.
  • Chunt had only been in the shape of a badger for about 2 weeks when the first podcast episode was recorded.
  • Arnie was staying with Chunt in his hovel until he was able to move into his own room at the Vermilion Minotaur.
  • Chunt hosts "Chunt's night" every week at The Vermilion Minotaur. It's unclear what happens at Chunt's night. It seems like he does some stand-up.
  • He recently opened up a late night tavern, Chu Chu's Chow.
  • is a practicing Sissytologist.
  • His Offices & Bosses character is Dan Smith, a temp.
  • He prefers his mead with a little bit of raspberry, which he has called "King's Juice."
  • Favorite foods are grubs and spiced potatoes.
  • Chunt occasionally models for changeling fetishists.
  • Is obsessed with buttholes.
  • Enjoys knock-knock jokes.
  • Don't call him "Chunty".
  • Created a card game called "Cat or Doctor"
  • Scored a 7/10 on his last test statement.
  • His favorite food is his mom's spiced potatoes.
  • Once called himself Catchphrase McGee.
  • Has been on green potion (which makes you apathetic) for decades.
  • Is 1/8 of an Arnie tall.
  • Gave himself the secret name "Li'l Squish" with the unanimous approval of Arnie and Usidore over the names "Johnny Toboggan" and "Fart Darkness."
  • Wears little booties.
  • Chunt was named after his grandfather's middle name on his mother's side.
  • Was sent back in time by Usidore so he could add wordplay to all episodes prior to Season 2, Ep 97 – Chunt’s Mom.
  • Similarly to Usidore, Chunt can enter the Shapeshifter State. He sounds like a digeridoo while in it.


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