Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Witch"
Played by Beth Melewski
Name Claudia
Species Witch
Occupation smoothie bar owner, former shop owner
Affiliation Half good, half evil

Claudia is a witch. She is the owner of the magic shop Incense & Amulets, and also runs a soup kitchen out of the back of her store.

Arnie describes her appearance as that of a grizzled hag, which Claudia takes as a compliment. Claudia was born out of a cauldron from a piece of hair, a frog's wart, and a toe (sans toenail). She lost her virginity to a wizard, and the fireworks that shot out her face as a result left her scarred and pockmarked. She is 60 years old (though is proud to appear older), has green hair, and wears a hat. As a teenager she lived with her two aunts, Sally and Grizwalda, and had a pet spider named EatMe, which she ate.


  • Claudia casts Charming Spells to bid others to visit her home at midnight.
  • When offered a drink at the tavern, Claudia requests sludge.
  • Claudia says one of the wizards she bedded was Bonesly, aka Blorth the Brown.
  • Claudia says she was born a centaur but later the horse part fell off and she was turned into a witch.1

At the Dark Lord’s birthday party she said she is half-good, half-evil.

Her attendance at witch church has fluctuated over the years, but Claudia worships Big Hat, the Giant Witch.2

Claudia is played by Beth Melewski.


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