Claudia is a witch. She is the owner of the magic shop Incense & Amulets, and also runs a soup kitchen out of the back of her store.

Arnie describes her appearance as that of a grizzled hag, which Claudia takes as a compliment. Claudia was born out of a cauldron from a piece of hair, a frog's wart, and a toe (sans toenail). She lost her virginity to a wizard, and the fireworks that shot out her face as a result left her scarred and pockmarked. She is 60 years old.

Claudia takes a liking to both Chunt and Usidore, and casts a Charming Spell on both, bidding them to visit her home at midnight.

When offered a drink at the tavern, Claudia requests sludge.

At The Dark Lord’s birthday party she said she is half-good, half-evil.

Claudia is played by Beth Melewski.

Episode Appearances

54 Witch
Season 2, Ep 24 – Book Club - The Great Gatsby
Season 2, Ep 32 – Dark Lord’s Birthday Party

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