Clax / Klax
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Skeleton"
Played by TJ Jagodowski
Name Clax
Species Skeleton
Occupation Dungeon guard

Clax (or possibly Clacks, but most recently spelled Klax) is a skeleton who guards an upper level of the dungeon near Hogsface. In his corporeal form he was known as Leo Housemartin and owned a reupholstery place in Hogsface named "Housemartin Reupholstery." He died gradually from the poisons used in the tanning process. He has a son named Kevin. Clax is also gay.

Sarah encountered Clax who gave her good advice while she was adventuring in a dungeon during her time on Foon.

Usidore plays checkers with Clax via mail through Momo the mouse.

Clax is played by TJ Jagodowski.


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