Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 17 - Forensic Inquisitor
Played by Mikey Neumann
Name Cloakus
Occupation Forensic Inquisitor

Cloakus is a representative of a nearby kingdom close to Nibblebottom, specializing as a Forensic Inquisitor.

Cloakus is an astute investigator. Although his detective work is mostly science based, he does not have a preclusion to magic or using magic to complete his investigation, as seen by how well he works with Usidore to solve the murder of King Yohan the Third. Cloakus uses acronyms to help him remember his tasks.

Becore coming on to Hello from the Magic Tavern, he was only able to solve three cases and was able to incarcerate two as one cave troll has escaped. In his case with King Yohan the Third, Cloakus was actually involved has he had relations with the king. He also had bouts of blackouts. He was one of the billions responsible for the king's death. King Yohan the Third was also Cloakus's boss.

Cloakus is played by Mikey Neumann.



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