Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Bridge Troll"
Played by Padraic Connelly
Name Clovis
Species Troll
Occupation Bridge troll

Clovis is a bridge troll that currently works and lives under the Ashit Bridge.

Clovis began work administering the riddle test for R-Passes, and was promoted to Bridge Troll sometime thereafter. He was placed under the Ashit Bridge, a bridge travellers often cross in order to empty their latrines. He was able to successfully make enough trades with travellers to make significant improvements to the abode underneath the bridge, making it one of the finer bridge troll locations in Foon.

While working in the R-Pass department, he met a troll named Bridget, and fell in love. Unfortunately at the time, he was assigned to the Ashit Bridge, and Bridget assigned to the Fiftyninthstreet Bridge, forcing the two to go their separate ways. Bridget is now living with Clovis under the Ashit Bridge where he also keeps his horde of gold.

In addition to asking riddles, Clovis is a riddle fan, often answering them himself by crossing over other bridges, and regularly submitting riddles to be added to the official riddle list. He has not successfully done so yet, but has come very close to getting one in the books.

Clovis is now engaged to Bridget and both are living under the Ashit Bridge.1

Clovis the Bridge Troll is played by Padraic Connelly.


  • The stupidest answer he's ever heard in response to a riddle is "yellow".
  • He has had a pencil up his butt.
  • He has been fooled by the Falsetto Marauders, who have given him fake gold as they've crossed the Ashit Bridge.


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