Coral Loft
Coral Loft
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 12 - Treasure Hunters
Played by Nyla Rose
Name Coral Loft
Occupation Treasure Hunter, Adventurer, Crypt Rummager

Coral Loft is a treasure hunter that comes to Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore with some strange trinkets.

Coral speaks in a very proper manner while going on her adventures as it helps motivate her. While donning the role, she maintains the voice as long as she can, but can be very brisk when slighted. She proves herself to be a strong fighter. Coral's usual outfit is a very sporty adventurers garb. One of her most notable physical traits is the face that her bosom acts like a shelf.

Early on, Coral Loft is a fan of Mittens and Tiffany Scampi. After Tiffany lost sight in one of her eyes, Tiffany retired from being a Mittens ref and joined Coral on her adventures. During their times, Coral may have ripped out a heart. About 4 years ago, she and Tiffany Scampi met Chunt and befriended him. He calls upon Coral and Tiffany to bully Usidore, which was ill timed as he was "dying" in two weeks. Coral requested a battle axe from Chunt's Black-and-White-smith shop and uses it on him when he short changed them.

Coral Loft is played by Nyla Rose.



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