Cordelia Stampot
Cordelia Stampot
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 3, Ep 95
Played by Allie Kokesh
Name Cordelia Stampot
Species witch
Occupation witch

Cordelia Stampot is a witch who lives in the woods outside of Northeastia. She can grant any wish…for a price.

Cordelia Stampot is played by Allie Kokesh


Cordelia is a powerful witch, living in a elegant 5 bedroom, 3 bath "hut" on 20 acres. Her beautiful home is furnished with ensouled fixtures, the souls of those who have come to trade Cordelia for a wish. She is 367 years old.

She previously operated in Northeastia, where most of her business was selling slimming teas. She dated the constable, Conny, and moved to the country when the relationship turned sour.

On Hello From the Magic Tavern

When the gang member Numbers Marlow offers only a partial soul for his wish to win a street rumble, Cordelia purposefully misinterprets his wishes forcing him to wish again and again until his whole soul is hers. She also gets a provisional membership in the street gang Snake Teeth, and gives Chunt the name Badger Boy.



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