Couch The Magician
Couch The Sentient Couch
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 62 - Couch (w/ Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger from How Did This Get Played)"
Played by Nick Wiger
Name Couch
Nickname(s) Couch The Magician
Species Human
Occupation Magician

Couch is a Magician seen in Castle Skullmaster with Couch The Sentient Couch.

Couch the Sentient Couch was played by Nick Wiger


Couch is a committed magician who does not get a lot of support. He reads many books, especially on the couch that will one day be sentient. He is not a ventriloquist.


Couch is a simple man who has been working on parlor tricks for quite some time. He has tried his routine on stage before, but is constantly heckled, mostly by his own mother. He does not know his father. While practicing the coin behind the ear trick on himself, he accidently brought Couch Jr. to life. Since then, he spent much of his time being protective of Couch Jr.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Couch the Magician joins the show after looking for Couch Jr. He introduced himself and shows off his magic, which were pretty simple. These tricks include the rubber pencil trick, the coin behind the ear, "pick a card", and the endless scarves trick. Despite the tricks' simplicity, especially in front of a real wizard, the group are amazed by them. When Usidore invites the magician to join him on his quest to defeat the Dark Lord, Couch admits that his magic was just slight of hand. After this reveal, he tries once again to join the quest in hopes to give himself a purpose. Thinking he would be happier as a couch, Couch tries to ask Usidore to transform him, but the misunderstanding gave him more hair by his ankles instead.


  • Season 3, Ep 62 — "Couch" (w/ Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger from How Did This Get Played)
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