Couch The Sentient Couch
Couch The Sentient Couch
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 62 - Couch (w/ Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger from How Did This Get Played)"
Played by Heather Ann Campbell
Name Couch
Nickname(s) Couch The Sentient Couch, Couch Jr., C.J.
Species Sentient Couch
Affiliation Couch the Magician

Couch is a sentient couch brought to life by Couch the Magician seen in Castle Skullmaster.

Couch the Sentient Couch was played by Heather Ann Campbell


Couch Jr. is a sentient couch. She is very blunt and self aware of herself. She is very philosophical as she understands concepts, but needs to experience things. For instance, she understands color but cannot distinguish what color is what color. Many of her parts equates to standard human anatomy, such as her cushions being her labia and her leg and arms being her legs and arms. However, there is a limit of depth in her crevices as it only goes down a few inches. She is very insistent that she is no longer an owned couch. Couch Jr. admits being a virgin. She is comfortable continuing her original purpose of being a couch, allowing people to sit on her.


Couch Jr. was accidentally willed to existence 2.5 weeks before coming on to the show by Couch the Magician. Later in that week, Couch Jr. was almost burned in a furniture burning held at the castle. She has no previous memories before being sentient.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Couch Jr. is first spotted drinking by the riven in the gardens of Castle Skullmaster. Scared, she screams "I'm Alive" on repeat. After Usidore meets her for the first time, she allows her to give him a new secret name since Couch Jr. is the first Sentient Couch he has ever known, which Couch Jr. gives him the name "Charlie". Unfortunately, Couch Jr. does not wish to be alive and asks the group to give her a painless death. She is later joined by Couch the Magician to the podcast and describes her short existence. Usidore give suggestions on other purposes for Couch Jr., but Couch Jr. just wants to be a couch. The compromise at the end was to give Couch long hair, when ends up essentially being the trip at the bottom of her body.


  • Season 3, Ep 62 — "Couch" (w/ Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger from How Did This Get Played)
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