Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance: "Low Battery"
Portrayed by: Ryan DiGiorgi
Name: Craig
Species: Robot
Occupation: Assistant
Affiliation: Space Bunker Zeta

Craig is the Mysterious Man's latest "intern". He arrived on the Space Bunker as a vending machine maintenance man from Chicago.

Craig got stuck in the bunker when, after spending ten days trying to fill the infinite vending machines, Tricia 8049 escaped, leaving him as the only choice to handle the various duties required, which he continues to do after the 'return' of Tricia 8050. (He also spent an eternity in the Green Chamber, but that was "fixed"). He occasionally hosts his own podcast, disingenuously named CraigCast.

Unknown to Craig, he is a robot like Robot Arnie, and is designed at first to resist the Mysterious Man and then grow to become his buddy. At one point his battery tattoo turns red and runs out as he himself begins acting oddly and runs down.

At another point, Craig breaks down and gets rebooted with a Steamboat Captain personality before being fixed again.

In later episodes, Craig works with Tricia to fight back against the Mysterious Man. As part of Tricia's (poorly thought out) plan, she cuts into his head with a laser saw, putting him out of commission for a few weeks before she's able to fix him. Before Craig turns back on, we hear a whispering voice urge him to "remember what we told you" and "remember who you really are."

He wakes up, but something is off about his personality now. Somehow Tricia has has turned Craig into Nu Craig, an evil and scheming version of his former self. Nu Craig mentions being familiar with the Mysterious Man and the Space Bunker, as well as has secret communications with an unknown entity that seems to have it out for the Mysterious Man.

Tricia is eventually able to take the laser saw to Nu Craig's head once again and reset him back to (what we hope) is the normal Craig we know and love.


The truth about Craig is later revealed: he is in reality Emperor Krieg (spelling unknown) the Cruel, the evilest man in the Evil Universe. His dynasty once ruled from a palace known as Space Castle Krieg (now the home base for the High Command), the center of the evil imperial dynasty of the known universe, until Arnie was trapped in Dr. Ulrich Zadore's rocket and brought there to overthrow him by punching him right in the kisser (actually, Arnie was only in the room when it happened). Krieg is still alive and hidden behind a panel inside Space Bunker High Command as a creepy old dude kept in a twilight state on the edge of death, swimming in a tank of goo. Craig himself seems more annoyed that he has to deal with yet another origin story for himself than anything by this shocking revelation. The only copy of the key code to enter on the number pad to free Krieg was written down, crumpled, and thrown into a black hole.



  • Craig is afraid of sharks.
  • Craig plugs himself into the wall regularly to recharge, but his power source is unknown.

* It is not known if the evil universe once ruled by Krieg is the same one as the B-Movie Sci-Fi alternate universe, the one from "evil" mirror realm, if those two are the same universe, or if there is some other universe involved.
* Krieg was not killed because Arnie says they're "the good guys".
* The Mysterious Man still refers to Krieg as "Great Emperor".

Craig is played by Ryan DiGiorgi.


  • Many episodes from Season 1, Episode 36 "Low Battery" onward.
  • Nu Craig appears from Season 2, Episode 58 to season 2, Episode 62
  • Interlude — "Hello from the Future" (in person at the High Command)
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