Craig is the Mysterious Man's latest "intern". He arrived on the Space Bunker as a vending machine maintenance man from Chicago, and got stuck there when, after spending 10 days trying to fill the infinite vending machines, Tricia escaped, leaving him as the only choice to handle the various duties required, which he continues to do after the 'return' of Tricia 8050. (He also spent an eternity in the Green Chamber, but that was "fixed"). He occasionally hosts his own podcast, disingenuously named 'CraigCast'.

Unknown to Craig, he is a robot like Tricia and Robot Arnie, and is designed at first to resist the Mysterious Man and then grow to become his buddy. At one point his battery tattoo turns red and runs out as he himself begins acting oddly and runs down.

Craig is played by Ryan DiGiorgi.

Episode Appearances

Most episodes from 36 Low Battery onward

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