Craig Davis
Craig Davis
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Blessed Troll"
Played by Dana Gould
Name Craig Davis
Species Troll
Occupation Writer

Craig Davis is a troll, "born of two poor but industrious fools," who has been both blessed and cursed with special abilities that always have a downside. He was cursed by Blorth the Brown who he encountered on a road when he refused to move aside. Craig hopes to make enough money to pay off Blorth to refine the powers.

Craig Davis' 13 compromised powers include:

  • Flight - but only 3 feet above the ground
  • X-Ray vision - referring only to his parents' clothing
  • Mighty strength - when holding a friend's baby
  • Invisibility - but only during mating season
  • Can run incredibly fast - but only into any fire he sees

Craig Davis is married. His name is not a typical troll name because he chose it to rebel against his parents. He also writes erotic fiction, including "A Pocket Full of Mischief." According to Craig Davis, trolls look like toes.

As a young man Troll, Craig played the jugs in a band, allowing him to date creatures usually too beautiful to consider trolls.

Craig Davis is played by Dana Gould.


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