Crance Windowwhistle
Crance Windowwhistle
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The Healer"
Played by Patrick Rothfuss
Name Crance Windowwhistle
Species Humanish
Occupation Writer

Cranston "Crance" Windowwhistle is a traveling homeopathic physician. Mainstream medicine in Foon is largely leech-based, but Crance practices massage, crystal therapy, potions, and pamphlets.

He became a physician to pay off his debt to the sorceress Fannie May.

Crance has been known to treat himself.

Crance Windowwhistle is played by Patrick Rothfuss.

Personal Life

Crance's wife is named Cranston Windwhibble. He believes having the same first name as your partner is useful in the bedroom.


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