Craw and Flappy
Craw & Flappy
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Eagles"
Played by Joseph Walker (Craw), Brian Holden (Flappy)
Name Craw, Flapp
Species Eagle
Occupation Royalty

Craw and Flappy are both princes, sons to King Talonor of the Great Eagles.

Craw's real name is actually a loud, birdlike screech, while Flappy's name is simply "Flappy". They wear tiny crowns held onto their head by elastic to indicate their royal pedigree. Prince Craw is the first in line for succession of the throne, while Flappy has tasked himself with "keeping things light". They nest on bunk nests, with Craw on top and Flappy on the bottom. They cannot change this situation until a royal decree is made saying that they can roost on their own.

Craw is played by Joseph Walker.

Flappy is played by Brian Holden.


  • Season 1, Ep 25 — "Eagles"
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